What is expected?

  • Participation in 13 weekly FLC sessions of 75 minutes each
  • Completion of assigned pre-work before attending class
  • Meet with support team to determine the pace and scope of the redesign

What are the benefits?

  • Funding support of $10,000 after completion of the FLC, course transformation and assessment of student learning for first time faculty and first time courses
  • Returning (experienced) fellows or courses already redesigned through IMPACT receive funding at a lower level (see IMPACT 2.0 information below).
  • Dedicated support team to facilitate faculty redesign
  • Dedicated staff support for research analysis and publication of redesign
  • Priority scheduling in IMPACT classrooms
  • Classroom B848B848
  • Classroom G980DG980D


How can I apply?

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Faculty Examples

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References and Literature