IMPACT Fellows and Courses

IMPACT Glossary

The following definitions explain terminology used in the IMPACT program.

An IMPACT FELLOW is a Purdue University instructor who participated in and completed the IMPACT faculty learning community.

An IMPACT COHORT is the group of IMPACT FLC participants within an academic period.

A course is an IMPACT COURSE if any of the following are true:

  1. An IMPACT Fellow transformed the course through the IMPACT FLC.
  2. The course is cross-listed with the course that was transformed through the IMPACT FLC.
  3. The course subject or number changed at some point, but is a previously used identifier for a course now known as an IMPACT course.

An IMPACT INFLUENCED COURSE is any course transformed by a Fellow outside of the IMPACT FLC. A course can be tracked as an IMPACT course for FellowX and an IMPACT-Influenced course for FellowY if the two fellows use different transformation designs; however, the course will only be counted once within a sum of IMPACT and IMPACT-Influenced courses.