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CE/ EEE355 (Dr. Larry Nies)       IT230 (Dr. Regina Scott)      BCM10001 (Dr. Daphene Koch)

Redesigned Course- STAT113

The rate of grades of "D", "F", and Withdrawal dramatically decreased in STAT 113 from an average of over 25% to less than 15%.

Overall Chart


The supplemental model is one that retains the large lecture format but is supplemental by online activities, online discussions, and other interactive activities. In STAT 113, exam scores significantly increased after the redesign (after Spring 2012).

Supplemental Chart


In the hybrid/replacement modality, lectures are recorded and watched online, and the face-to-face class time is spent in active learning activities, such as problem based learning and collaborative learning. In STAT 113, exam scores in the hybrid/replacement modality were comparable to those obtained in the redesigned supplemental course, and increased in the second iteration for exam 2. The Hybrid/Replacement modality was first introduced in STATS 113 in Fall 2012. Therefore, no "pre-design" data is available for a pre-post comparison. The exam scores continue to increase with subsequent iterations (not presented in the graph).

Hybrid/Replacement Chart


In STAT 113, a fully online version of the course is also offered and was redesigned and first implemented in Fall 2012. The exam scores were found to be significantly different after the redesign and continue to follow and upward trend in a second iteration of the redesign in Spring 2012.

Online Chart