Supporting Research

IDA+A directly supports research at Purdue through access to their wide array of data on a secure, high-compute platform.

Available Data

All data availability is subject to getting the permission of the data owners, which IDA+A can facilitate but is not party to, as well as the ability to acquire IRB approval for your research. The data available includes:

  • Student Information
  • Blackboard data, including clickpath
  • Degreeworks (degree requirements)
  • Card Swipes (door, dining)
  • Wireless Network Logs
  • Housing
  • Sponsored Program Services
  • Survey Responses (SIF, CCO, etc)

This data will be made available to researchers with appropriate permissions and IRBs on our secure, high compute platform: Raiden. The machine is outfitted as follows to assist you in your research:

  • 48 12-core 2.2Ghz Processors
  • 792GB RAM
  • 2 NVIDIA Tesla M40 GPUs
    • Designed for deep learning tasks

All data supplied is contingent upon agreements struck with data owners and IRB requirements. It will all be fully anonymized and available only to you and your approved researchers. Access is also contingent upon the individual researchers obtaining FERPA, GLBA, and Data Handling certifications from Purdue. No data will be allowed to leave this system except in aggregated format for publication according to specifications outlined in your IRB approval.