Data Preparation

Facilitate the addition of new data fields to existing databases

IDA+A can aid your area get a reporting field added to Purdue’s enterprise data systems. This includes new calculated fields based on historic records or capturing new data points, often eliminating the need for decodes and ensuring consistent reporting across campus.  IDA+A helps present the business case for these additions through collaboration and requirements gathering with the Purdue data community, completes data validation, and communicates the changes to data consumers. Past and current work includes: collaborating on the addition of the Unitime course section supervisor field into PDW, identifying online programs and students in Banner and the ODS, and adding graduate student milestones.

Build data pipelines into IDAP

In addition, for customer needs that require custom/new data inputs (ex: needing customer data in order to perform an analysis project) our Data Engineers can work to load that data into IDAP allowing for easy joining with enterprise data. From there, IDA+A staff can work with it to perform any of our other service offerings.