Quality, trusted data and an involved data community increase the value of institutional data. It allows the use of data in a proactive, action-oriented way. The ability to have meaningful interaction with quality data is our competitive edge.

Data Governance Board

IDA+A (Institutional Data Analytics and Assessment) will partner with units across campus to form a governing body (the “Board”) to analyze, deliberate, and make recommendations about appropriate uses of data. The Board will convene to consider recommendations by Purdue analytics staff or Purdue faculty on the use of analytics products that will impact Purdue persons. On a case-by-case basis, the Board is charged with ultimately approving, rejecting, or calling for further study of or changes to the recommended uses of analytics products brought before them. They should also ensure data custodians and other subject matter experts knowledgeable in the domain of a case, as well as the leadership of any impacted university units are fully included in the decision-making process.

Purdue University Analytics Policy and Governance

Executive Data Council

The Executive Data Council establishes policies and common business practices to ensure that Purdue West Lafayette institutional information is made reliable, accurate, and available to those with authorized access; interpreted consistently across the university; reported appropriately and reliably to external agencies and constituents; and optimized to enable the strategic use of data.

The Council evaluates input received from key campus data stewards and cross-institutional data domain advisory committees. The Council is the primary decision-making group; it establishes and reviews policies, and ensures data governance adoption and engagement across the organization.

The Council is responsible for assessing and prioritizing data issues for resolution, resolving cross-functional issues, and ensuring that resources are available as needed.

Executive Data Council Membership and Charter

Data Quality Committees

Data IQ - Institutional Quality

Student Reporting Governance Committee

Graduate School Data Governance Project

BI Finance and HR Advisory Committee

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