Graduate Student Improved Data Governance Project

Previous Projects

  1. Fellowship process and reporting improvements
  2. Data Digest will have additional graduate student data.
    This is part of a larger Data Digest improvement project that includes campus feedback. Will improve access to graduate student data and reduce maintenance of separate Graduate School dashboards.
  3. Online (distance education) reporting Project underway with Student Systems, Registrar and Graduate School for implementation in 2021
  4. Addition of new graduate student reporting fields, available using Cognos:
    • Time Enrolled
    • More granular level of degree and award categories (masters, doctorate, non-degree, certificate, grad professional...)
    • Milestone fields (has filed plan of study, passed prelims...)
    • Thesis/non-thesis
  5. Graduate School Database data - make accessible using Cognos
  6. Graduate School/Banner Interfaces - Reviewed, updated, routine audits in place
  7. Interdisciplinary reporting
    • Interdisciplinary indicator requested to be placed on transcript
    • Standard reporting using Cognos through use of Cohort field
  8. Education of reporting terminology such as official, operational, freeze, census. Will increase awareness of timing around official reporting and its appropriate usage.

Assessment Phase - Completed

An assessment of graduate student reporting pain points was completed in 2018.
The goals include:

  • Accurate, trusted graduate student data
  • Data well-defined and understood
  • Available to the campus, colleges and departments

A total of eight, two-hour sessions were held with a total of 65 participants. Each college was represented. Participants included academic college grad contacts, data managers and staff from central offices, including Bursar, Financial Aid, International Students & Scholars, Enrollment Management and other areas of the Graduate School. Analysis of these session was shared with the Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) and the Student Systems Competency Center (SSCC).

A road map of projects and priorities was created and are underway. 

Members include:
Sarah Bauer, IDA+A
Jeff Bridgham, Graduate School
Don Brier, Graduate School
Andrea Pluckebaum, Krannert
Jamie Mohler, Graduate School
Karis Waibel, Krannert

For questions please contact: