There are two distinct types of analysis projects IDA+A can help our campus partners with:


This type of analysis answers a well defined research question or simple data request. It could include, but is not limited to:

  • Statistical testing
  • ROI analysis for executive/managerial decision making
  • Peer benchmarking (programmatic and institution)


This type of analysis is intended to explore an unstructured research question or problem statement. It will typically last approximately six weeks and result in a white paper with findings and a call for further exploratory research, a directed research project, or a recommendation that the work should go no further.

These projects can be used to address different goals:

These analyses solve a specific problem with a defined solution. Starting an operational analysis, parties would have a good idea of what a successful solution looks like.

Strategic analysis, typically done on request by leaders of various campus areas or programs, serve the purpose of informing the future direction these leaders take. Goals for these projects typically revolve around answering a broad question.

IDA+A’s Data Scientists have expertise in predictive analytics and machine learning that we can help your area leverage. If your question has to do with knowing what will happen before it happens, we can help.