Human Resources Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals For You

Employee Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Review the remote work assessment with your supervisor and complete the Remote Work Request Acknowledgment form, when applicable. Keep in mind that flexible work arrangements are often voluntary and may be terminated by the supervisor or the employee, with the supervisor’s agreement.
  • Review the Tracking University Owned Assets for Remote Work Use process and complete the Property Off Campus (POC) form in order to relocate University owned equipment off campus. Follow the Return Equipment Quick Reference to add return date to previously completed Property Off Campus Form when returning equipment to campus.
  • When relocating campus equipment, keep these tips in mind:
    • Cisco AnyConnect – Virtual Private Network (VPN) client must be installed.
    • Review the ITaP instructions summary for VPN, WebEx, Voicemail and other connections (contact local IT support if outside of ITaP).
    • Power should be connected to surge protector.
    • Network cable should be used to connect the computer to your Internet router, when available.
    • Desktop computers with access to restricted systems/networks requiring IP firewalls are not eligible to take home.
    • Employee is responsible for transporting, setting up and returning desktop equipment.
  • Understand that local IT support may be limited due to external factors:
    • Home network speed and connectivity
    • Inability to remote into the workstation
    • Technical staff do not enter personal residences to provide support
  • Responsible for completing assignments and should review task and workload with supervisor and departmental team. Continue to create and track goals and complete appraisal process, when applicable.
  • Review information regarding Change in Duty to determine whether you need to complete the form.

Supervisor Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Review and approve the submitted Remote Work Request Acknowledgement form upon receipt.
  • Assist new hires designated as “remote work” or “hybrid” with online new employee orientation and any new hire checklists.
  • Discuss working hours with employee and come to an agreement if hours differ from the department’s normal business hours. The amount of time an employee is expected to work will not change due to participation in a remote work agreement. Procedures for overtime are the same as on-campus positions. Remote and on-campus employees are subject to the same policies and procedures.
    • Understand timekeeping and time off processes.
    • Discuss timing and expectations with employee for email, voicemail, Skype and other forms of messaging.
  • Review the Manager Checklist.
  • Update the position location in SuccessFactors to reflect the employee’s correct location. It is important that the position is identified as remote, hybrid or on campus. Follow the Updating Position Location Quick Reference Guide for more information.