Human Resources Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals For You

Leading Individuals

  1. Orient employees to the remote workspace
    1. Provide employee guidance on working remotely
      1. Review Learning Resources
    2. Monitor the employee’s remote workspace needs
    3. Provide remote onboarding for new hires
      1. Review New Employee Orientation/New Hire Resources
  2. Manage goal accomplishment and provide ongoing employee training
    1. Enter employee performance and training goals into SuccessFactors and support goal attainment
    2. Review the following Purdue resources:
      1. Performance and Merit Process and 2019 2020 Performance Review Process (video)
      2. Determination of Merit and Promotion Increases and Staff Promotion Guidelines
      3. Fee Remission Policy , Fee Remission Process and Purdue Global Fee Remissions
      4. Resources in Learning Management System
      5. Business Book Summaries and LinkedIn Learning
    3. Review the following online resources:
      1. Feedback Practices for Employees working remotely
      2. How to Do Performance Reviews - Remotely
  3. Reward strong performance and improve weak performance
    1. Review the following Purdue resource:
      1. Disciplinary Guidelines and Grievance Resolution
    2. Review the following online resource:
      1. How to Manage an Employee Who's struggling to Perform Remotely (article)
  4. Review additional Leading Individual Online Resources to learn more about leading remote workers. There is also an employee resource section that you can recommend for your remote workers.