Bravo Awards

You've just developed an innovative program—one that makes a big difference to your department (and the entire University). You gave it your all (and then some) during crunch time. You found a way—a greener, cleaner way—to make things run more smoothly. Your new idea is going to save funds that can now be put to use elsewhere.

You don't just get the job done, you do it with distinction.

Consider this a virtual pat on the back—but just like your extraordinary performance, Purdue is taking recognition up a notch.

Introducing the Bravo Award, a new recognition and reward program for employees.

The Bravo Award seeks to highlight the excellence found across all areas and job functions at Purdue University by recognizing extraordinary achievements on every scale. Recognizing employee accomplishments that help Purdue move the world forward is vital to the University's mission and the morale of its faculty and staff.