SuccessFactors Human Resources

SuccessFactors and Supervisors

Supervisors and managers utilize SuccessFactors for human resource and payroll-related processes.  The information below outlines those items most important to supervisors. Visit the training webpage to view all training resources related to SuccessFactors.

All positions are recruited through SuccessFactors. Supervisors and department support staff (department administrative positions) can create positions. Supervisors, department support and business management all play a role in recruitment processes.

All new employees will receive an email pointing them to a new hire portal; all new hire data collection is online, such as bank information, personal information and section 1 of the I-9. They will also receive a link to the new employee webpage that outlines next steps in acquiring their BoilerKey, email setup, etc. Business management will complete section 2 of the I-9 with the new employee.

  • During the final steps in the recruitment process, an onboarding coordinator can be assigned. The onboarding module is used for faculty and staff positions, but not necessarily student hires. (Often times the student is hired quickly and the information is provided to them quicker in person than through email). The hiring supervisor is the default, unless assigned. Department support and supervisors can follow the tools below to learn how to create and send the welcome message with important direct links and meeting requests:

All non-exempt employees will utilize SuccessFactors Timesheets or the Webclock application to document time. Your business office can assign work schedules and time profiles. Pay period information is located under Calendars on the Payroll website. Contact with timekeeping questions. The best resource to point employees to is The three timekeeping methods are:

  • Negative Time Profile automatically updates and processes the timesheet based on planned work schedule.
    • Employee does not access SuccessFactors to document time.
    • Employee requests time off through SuccessFactors (time off tile) and not the timesheet.
    • Employee documents overtime or other exception to timesheet, when applicable. Employee will need to submit timesheet; manager will review and approve.
    • videocheat sheet and quick reference guide are available for employees. Supervisors also have a video and quick reference guide.
    • Positive Recording Profile requires employee to access the timesheet through SuccessFactors to record time.
      • Employee records number of hours worked and submits the timesheet weekly. Supervisors review and approve timesheets. (All time logged will automatically push through payroll at the end of the pay period, regardless of your approval.)
      • Employee requests time off through SuccessFactors (time off tile) and not the timesheet.
      • video, cheat sheet and quick reference guide are available for employees. Supervisors also have a video and quick reference guide.
    • Clock-Based Recording requires employee to access the Webclock application to clock in and out.

Contact with your timekeeping quesitons.

All benefits-eligible employees will request time off through SuccessFactors. This includes business-type leaves such as research, engagement or instructional travel. Sick leave and vacation balances are viewable.

Time off requests automatically push to the timesheet, and ultimately through payroll, regardless of your approval. Time off changes can be made back two pay periods.

Please contact your human resource representative with time off questions, especially FMLA, workers compensation and paid parental leave.

Visit the Annual Evaluations webpage under Leadership and Organizational Development to learn about the staff annual evaluation process.

Contact your business office to process employee data changes, such as change in pay, change in hours or FTE, employee or grad appointment transfers, terminations, etc. They will initiate or complete the request through SuccessFactors.

During the termination process, the direct employees of the newly vacant position will automatically go to the position’s supervisor (one-up manager) unless you tell the business office to move the direct reports under another supervisor.

Supervisors and managers will receive notifications when approvals are needed, such as timesheets and time off requests. Those with department head roles may also receive employee data changes requests, when applicable. A cheat sheet and quick reference guide  are available to learn how to delegate workflow requests.  The leave or time off workflow table and pay change workflow table provide a quick glance at approvers.