SuccessFactors Human Resources

SuccessFactors Go-Live Support – Help Resources

During the initial deployment of SuccessFactors, a resource team comprised of experts within each workstream, technical support and project team members will be available to help answer questions and troubleshoot situations. In order to process requests for assistance quickly:

  1. Prior to logging into the Employee Launchpad from the OneCampus portal acquire a  BoilerKey.
    • Contact ITaP at 44000 or with your BoilerKey or password questions or issues.

  2. Prior to performing your intended task in SuccessFactors, review the training resources. Simply click the appropriate subject to view quick reference guides, work instructions videos and/or business processes.
    • Information is also available on Gold Answers, a self-help question/answer service.
  3. There are also direct emails to teams that can help answer questions:

  4. Contact your supervisor if you continue to have questions about the tasks you are performing. Business offices might also be able to offer assistance. If you are aware of a subject matter expert (SME) in your area that is already equipped to answer SuccessFactors process-related questions – feel free to contact them as well. Localized help can be a quick resource to assist with your task
  5. The SuccessFactors upgrade may impact other SAP-related processes.

    • Please direct all finance-related questions or issues to the business office. Business office leadership can utilize the deployment team noted above. They will direct the issue to the correct area.
    • If you are working within the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) processes, please contact your current Subject Matter Expert (SME) or supervisor. They will continue to contact the resources they do today.