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Identity Management - Roles and Privileges

Starting in January 2019, IDM will be used to provision access to SAP systems, including both S/4 (Finance) and SuccessFactors (EC and ECP). IDM will be the system of record for who has been granted what security roles (business roles/privileges) across those systems.

  • IDM will provision access to an individual Position Number rather than directly to an employee.
  • When one employee is removed from a position number and another employee is assigned to that position number, IDM will automatically provision the roles assigned to that position number to the new employee
Role Request

To request or change a role, email The email should contain Position ID and the role name needed or edited. If the new role is only needed for a limited time, please include the end date.

IDM Business Role List (displays technical, display and privilege name)

SuccessFactors-Related Roles with Description, by User Name

Use the below workbook to view SuccessFactors-related privileges grouped by business role. The information includes user ID and user name. During the transition to SuccessFactors, an updated workbook will be posted weekly on Mondays. The posted workbook is current as of November, 2019.

Business Role with Descriptions by Name and User ID

Supervisors are automatically provided privileges that allow them to create positions, create and process requisitions (to recruit vacant positions) and complete onboarding tasks, when needed. These same roles are also provided in the department support bundle, as indicated in the above workbook. The workbook below includes the user names for each department that have been assigned the supervisor role bundle.

Supervisor Role Bundle by User Name and Department


Role-related Forms:


Request for Separation of Duty Conflict Form is completed when requesting roles that will have a separation of duty conflict Send form as attachment  to
Role Configuration Request Form Form is completed when requesting role configuration. Send form as attachment  to This form is not used to assign or edit roles to position.
Finance (S/4) Role documentation as of January 22, 2019:
Resource Definition
Finance Roles Descriptions and Reference Displays and define all finance-related roles.
Finance Master Roles and T Codes Displays T Codes associated with Roles by module.
Finance Separation of Duty Matrix Displays where separation of duty conflict exists when roles are combined.
SuccessFactors (Human Capital Management (HCM)) Role documentation as of December 2018:
Resource Definition
SuccessFactors Separation of Duties Matrix Displays where separation of duty conflict exists when roles are combined.

Role requests are processed online, routing to the proper approver. A ‘role request’ tile will be available in SuccessFactors. Role questions should be submitted to

Click below to view the original SuccessFactors role and process information available during the project.

SuccessFactors Roles and Processes – Pre-deployment (2018)

  • Identity Management - Roles and Privileges