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Issue #9 - February 28, 2019

If a supervisor needs to edit or add time pairs (when the employee is unavailable), the changes must be made in the Webclock, not on the SuccessFactors Time Sheet. Changing time in the Webclock allows both the supervisor and the employee to view the changes, avoids duplicate entries, and avoids conflicting entries. Duplicate entries cause overpayment. Conflicting entries cause a payroll stop (“collision”) for the individual.

After time pairs are approved by the supervisor in the Webclock, the pairs are transferred to the SuccessFactors Time Sheet within 30 minutes.

Employee can edit previous approved timesheets

  • Biweekly-paid staff can edit time or time off two pay periods back from the current date. Monthly-paid staff can edit time off eight weeks back from the current date. Edits prior to those timeframes can be sent to The Timesheet Correction Process provides additional detail.

Prior approved or paid timesheets require approval when edits are initiated

  • All time recorded for the previous pay period by the employee by 12:00pm on the Tuesday following the end of the pay period will be paid, as long as the supervisor has not declined the time. Lack of supervisor approval will not prevent the time from being paid, but supervisors should review and take action on the time at their earliest convenience.

    Time recorded for the previous pay period by the employee after the 12:00pm Tuesday deadline must be approved by the supervisor in order for it to be paid. The supervisor must approve prior to when payroll locks to begin the payment process. Payroll lock occurs at variable times between 12:00pm and 5:00pm on Tuesday.

    If an employee submits changes to their recorded time after approval by the supervisor, the supervisor must review and approve the revised time in order for it to be paid. Changes to previously approved time/timesheets will never be paid unless approved by the supervisor.

Changing time profiles and work schedules affects current or future time entry and time off  requests. Review approved time off requests when changing work schedules or time profiles

  • When changing a work schedule or time profile, please review if current or future time off requests will be affected by the new schedule. The employee may need to remove the request and re-submit the time off once the updated schedule is in place. Failure to assess Time Off requests may result in inability to enter time, overpayments, and/or payroll errors. The Work Schedule Changes business process provides full details.

    A B@P News article announced earlier to notify when work schedule changes need to be made retroactively. The article stated: When a retroactive work schedule change is made, it affects the time off requested on the previous schedule. Time off entered on a day that is no longer a working day will become invalid, since the scheduled workdays no longer match the scheduled time off. The system cannot shift the leave to the new schedule at this time. A possible resolution is being researched. 

Supervisor changes

When a new supervisor is assigned, the new supervisor will not see past actions or workflow. They will only see workflow items from the date of their assignment. Page 5 of the Updating Position Details Quick Reference Guide describes how to change the supervisor on the position. Supervisor changes are not performed on the person record, only the position. Supervisor changes are processed overnight.


Supervisors or approvers can enter View my Pending Request in the Search text entry box to view all midway workflows of which they are a part. If the request is not completely through all of the workflow, the approver can view and /or change the approval response.

View my Pending Request

approval response

The business office can run the (BI or Cognos) Data Change Report to view all approved data changes entered in the system.

The business office can run the (BI or Cognos) Data Change Report to view all approved data changes entered in the system.

Quick Hire and Offer Letter Template

The required fields in the offer details template (page five of the Preparing the Offer Approval) must be completed. Although student can verbally approve the offer, page 4 of the Extending the Offer Letter QRG, states the verbal approval is processed after the offer template is completed. Simply editing the Offer Letter without completing the template is not sufficient. The template information populates important details for the Manage Pending Hire (MPH) process that ultimately creates the student record. Without this information, the staff completing the Hiring action are unable to do so. Incomplete offer letter templates and offer letters cause a delay in processing.

Concurrent employment

If the candidate, most likely a student, has a current position within the University, it is important that:

  • They apply for the position within SuccessFactors - Careers tile (so that they appear as an internal candidate). This will prevent unnecessary email notifications and recertifying the employee’s information, including the I-9.
  • The hiring supervisor (or the person completing the quick hire process) will need to find out if the student will keep both the current position and the new position. If the student will work in both positions, as many do, they need to be moved to the concurrent 'bucket' on the recruiting pipeline, after the offer template is complete. Payroll reviews the concurrent bucket to process additional appointments, and once completed, Talent Acquisition will move the candidate to the hired step.

Not acknowledging concurrent employment causes issues with their current position, delays manage pending hire process and requires employee to complete unneeded steps.

Post Hire Data Verification - Who are Remote Hires?

New hires working in the state of Indiana must not be processed as remote hires. The initiator completing the Post Hire Data Verification will mark "no" for the remote question, unless the new hire will physically work outside the state of Indiana. Page three of the Post Hire Data Verification QRG has been updated to help determine if new hire is ‘remote’ or not.

New hires incorrectly marked as remote will be sent back to restart the Post Hire Data Verification. The initiator will need to go back and mark the remote question "no" to process the I-9 correctly. The new hire will have to review the new hire data collection previously entered and electronically signed.

New hires not working on or near any Purdue campus but within the state of Indiana have the option to complete section 2 of the I-9 through the Purdue county extension offices or Purdue Statewide Polytechnic offices (outside of Tippecanoe County).  The new hire will call and make an appointment with the appropriate office. All extension and statewide offices have I-9 verifiers with the same access to complete the New Hire Data Verification (Section 2) as I-9 verifiers on campus.

Please contact for further questions.

  1. When is the PUID and username generated? The I2A2 (assigning PUID and alias or user name) process runs a nightly job. It also has an hourly job between onboarding and EC. Once the new hire completes their new hire data collection, it is ready for the I2A2 process. Individuals added to Employee Central via a direct hire process will be picked up by the I2A2 nightly job.
  2. When is the PUID and username updated in the Employee Profile? Once the I2A2 process is complete, the Payroll Appointment Specialist processes the MPH action. Those processed as a direct hire would be updated within 24-48 hours of their employee record being created.
  3. When does the new hire receive the email communicating their PUID, Username and next steps?  Once the action is complete, an email is sent to the new hire pointing to the website to learn how to set up the career account password, BoilerKey and access to SuccessFactors. This step is required in order to set up email access as well as access to other systems.
  4. What does the new hire see when they log into SuccessFactors? They will only see the onboarding tiles until the actual hire date. On their hire date, they have access to the other tiles according to their assigned roles.

The below outlines current replication timing:


Every five minutes, unless payroll is locked for processing. 

I2A2 (Identification, Authentication and Authorization) process

An overnight process for the data to fully propagate to most systems.

There are other sub-processes where it populates earlier, such as an hourly job from onboarding to EC.


An overnight process from SuccessFactors to S/4 

Issue #8 - February 12, 2019

When payroll is processing, the ability to edit employee information and time is locked. Bank information and tax information may not be updated during this time period. A user may experience an error message when trying to update the information during this locked period.

  1. The payroll calendars, Monthly Payroll Calendar and Payroll Write Days and Paydates, can be used to identify important payroll dates.
  2. Supervisors approve time entered through the Webclock or positive time entry on the Timesheet by Tuesday at noon following the payroll period. Any changes after this may not be processed in time for the current pay period.

Employees with concurrent positions must select the correct position to record time or request time off. Supervisors with concurrent positions must also select the correct position to review and approve their direct reports’ timesheets or time off requests.

Concurrent Tips

New or vacant non-exempt positions default to positive duration time entry profile. If an employee/supervisor is trying to access their timekeeping method (Negative Duration, Positive Duration, or Webclock) and receive an error message or cannot enter time, please contact the business office to review or update the timekeeping profile. The business office can change the timekeeping profile. A ticket does not need to be submitted.

All timekeeping-related training resources have been updated with more detailed instruction for employees with concurrent positions. The updates show how the employee can see the main appointment (a star designates the main position) and how to select the other position in order to record time on the correct PERNR or request time off. All timekeeping training materials are located at

Some supervisors have received an error message when clicking the link provided in the email requesting approval for time off requests. The help desk has tracked two causes so far:

  • The time off request is already approved.
  • The supervisor has concurrent positions, and the employee requesting approval is most likely not a direct report of the supervisor’s main assignment. The supervisor can log in to SuccessFactors and select the non-main assignment to take action on the leave request.
     Time off

Detailed instructions are found in the Time Off resources at

If you attempt to begin the recruitment process in the Recruiting module/tile, you’ll see the following error message:

recruitment tips

Please note that this is not actually a permission issue. The recruitment process starts with creating a requisition from the position, not from the Recruiting tile. Positions are viewable through the Org Chart. Use the home icon to go to the main page, or search ‘Company Info’ or ‘View Org Chart’ in the open search field to the right. Select the Position Org Chart.

All recruitment processes start with creating the requisition from the vacant position. The Creating a Job Requisition QRG shows the quick steps to complete the requisition. If the position does not already exist, you may need to create the position – follow the Create a Position QRG. Both the department support role and supervisor role allow position creating and editing.

All SuccessFactors training materials are located online, including all recruitment processes, quick references and position information.

To avoid delays in processing, supervisors, department support and business offices completing student hires must:

  1. Complete the offer letter template, even if student verbally accepts the offer. The template contains all the important information Payroll needs to process the new hire. The following screenshot is from Preparing the Offer Approval QRG.
    student hire
  2. Move the hire to the correct bucket. If the student currently holds a position and intends to keep that position, move them to the concurrent bucket so that the student is not required to re-verify their I-9 but will be moved forward to be processed into the system. If they have no other position at the University, move them to the Ready to Hire bucket and initiate onboarding. This will trigger I-9 verification and begin the process of adding the new hire into the system.

    The image below is from the Moving Candidate to Onboarding QRG.
    Moving Candidate
  3. Once hired, work with the business office to assign the correct time profile and work schedule.


Issue #7 - January 22, 2019

New hire paperwork

All new hire paperwork is now online. It is important that recruiters, business offices and supervisors remind new hires to review all email communications.  

  1. New hire receives an email to access the ‘Employee portal’ to complete new hire information.
    • First, they ‘reset’ their password to access the site.
    • Then they log-in to the portal with their temporary user name and password.
    • They click Complete Paperwork within the ToDo area.
    • They complete the information through the New Hire Data Collection Wizard. This must be completed in order to get paid:
      • Enter name and social security number (SSN), date of birth
      • Complete self-identification information
      • Complete/confirm physical and mailing address and phone number
      • Section1 of the I-9
      • Complete tax withholding information (W-4/WH-4)
      • Direct Deposit
      • Contact Information and Emergency Contact Information
      • Acknowledge Veteran Status and Voluntary Self-identification of disability
      • Read and acknowledge review of required policies
      • Electronically sign, acknowledging information is correct for each form
  2. Once the new hire paperwork is submitted, ITaP creates the PUID and user name.
  3. They receive another system generated email with their User Id and PUID, in order to create a career account and password. The email links to the New Employee webpage that provides information on who to contact to create Career Account Password and BoilerKey. It also reminds them to bring their identification documentation (I-9) on or before their first day.

Both employee and supervisor receive email reminders if new hire has not completed required information through the portal.

Onboarding Coordinators, I-9 Verifiers and Supervisors Access the Onboarding Dashboard

The Onboarding Dashboard displays the progress of new hires moving from recruitment to the onboarding module.

  • Post Hire Data Verification – this step will be completed by the individual who was the Recruiter for the new hire.
  • New Hire Data Collection – new hires in this step have received an email to complete their new hire information.
  • New Hire Data Verification – new hires in this step are ready to present documentation to complete Section 2 of their electronic I-9.
  • Signature Step – new hires in this step are remote employees waiting to have their employment authorized.
  • Notifications – new hires listed are available for an Onboarding Coordinator or Supervisor to complete the Onboarding Set-up. Note: Supervisors can view all new hires in this step.

I-9 Verifiers search the New Hire Data Verification to locate the new hire when they are ready to complete section 2 of the I-9. I-9 Verifiers can follow a quick reference guide or video to learn how to complete section 2 in SuccessFactors.

Supervisors can also follow a quick reference to learn how to use the dashboard to view their new hire progress. The new hire must complete the online data collection and connect with the business office to complete the new hire data verification (section 2.)

Offer templates required

When hiring students, it is critical to follow the quick hire process. All hiring processes require the completion of the offer approval template, including student hires, regardless of whether the candidate is internal or external. The Preparing the Offer Approval Quick Reference Guide (QRG) walks through the needed steps. Payroll is unable to process a student hire without the completed offer template, leading to delays.

Concurrent employment

If a student has a current position within the University, it is important that:

  • They apply for the position within SuccessFactors - Careers tile (so that they appear as an internal candidate). This will prevent unnecessary email notifications and recertifying the employee’s information, including the I-9.
  • The hiring supervisor (or the person completing the quick hire process) will need to find out if the student will keep both the current position and the new position. If the student will work in both positions, as many do, they need to be moved to the concurrent 'bucket' on the recruiting pipeline, after the offer template is complete. Payroll reviews the concurrent bucket to process additional appointments, and once completed, Talent Acquisition will move the candidate to the hired step.

Training resources

The Quick Hire Training Video has been added to Recruitment training resources.

The video outlines how supervisors or other recruiters can initiate requisitions, in order to get the job posted, and also process the candidate through the recruitment tool, extending the online offer and initiate onboarding for the new hire to complete required information online.

Student Life provides useful supervisors resources on the Employer Resources webpage. The resource webpage links to the Quick Hire business process, which includes references to the appropriate QRGs. It also includes the Onboarding process, linking to needed QRGs.

Inactive employees access

Only “active” employees as of 12/23/18 were migrated to SuccessFactors. Inactive employees do not have access to SuccessFactors, until placed into a current position. To apply for a position, the inactive employee must access to Once fully processed/hired as an active employee, the career account will be attached to the new employee record in SuccessFactors. Until then, a temporary user account is assigned.

Please contact Talent Acquisition at with questions.

Timekeeping Tips

Tips for timekeeping in the following areas, General, Webclock Users and Time Profiles and Work Schedules, are outlined to assist with you timekeeping needs.


  • An email notification to employees announcing their pay was deposited is no longer generated. Although employees will no longer receive an email on the pay date, they can view their pay statements on the pay date or as soon as the payroll process is completed, which is normally two days prior to the pay date.  Employees can follow a quick reference to learn more about their pay statement. The video provides further detail on how to review and edit bank accounts and tax withholding information.
  • The deadline for supervisors approving time prior to payroll running is Tuesday at noon, following the end of each pay period. Changes or additions to the timesheet after the deadline will not be reflected in the associated pay statement.
  • Working time and time off cannot overlap. If clocking through web application and requesting a partial day off (e.g. for a doctor’s appointment), individuals are encouraged to submit their time off request through the time off tile in SuccessFactors after logging their working time (clocking in and out) for the day. If using the Timesheet in SuccessFactors, edit the hours worked or time off so they do not exceed your work day schedule.
  • Employees with multiple positions must select the correct position to record time. Supervisors with multiple positions must also select the correct position to review and approve their direct reports’ timesheets.

multiple positions

Webclock Users:

  • If you clock in and out through the Webclock application, you must also access the Webclock application to perform edits. Edits cannot be made on the SuccessFactors timesheet. Both the video, quick reference and cheat sheet outline how to edit or add time pairs.
  • Supervisors editing time also should be in the Webclock application. Supervisors wishing to edit times that they have already approved (thus are no longer in their queue in Webclock) should ask the employee to edit the time pair, which will flow to their queue. Only in emergencies should the supervisor edit the SuccessFactors timesheet due to risk of overlapping time errors and loss of employee visibility of their own time.
  • Webclock times appear in the SuccessFactors timesheet approximately 20 minutes after supervisor approves time. The SuccessFactors timesheet displays total worked time, other time (overtime, etc.) and time off. Supervisors should not ever manually enter time for employees on the timesheet. If time must be entered and the employee is unavailable, the supervisor should enter the time in Webclock and approve the time so that it flows to SuccessFactors.

Time Profiles and Work Schedules

The business office can edit time profiles and work schedules. Follow the below training resources:

The Payroll Process for Business Support has been updated with the above quick references and information related to work schedule and FTE matching.

The Time Profile, Time Recording Profile, and Variant Cheat Sheet provides guidance regarding schedules that should be assigned/created based on the attributes of the employee/their position.

Important notes for assigning/creating schedules for individuals with less than 1.0 FTE

  • Non-exempt employees: The number of hours of the work schedule assigned to / created for the employee must match the individual’s FTE (based on a 40 hour workweek). Failure to properly assign/create the schedule will result in pay errors as pay, including holiday pay, is derived from the schedule for the individual. It also will impact Time Off requests. Non-exempt employees who are assigned the Webclock time entry method should be assigned the AdHoc Monday through Friday (AdHocMF) schedule. It is important to review the available schedules before building a custom schedule.
  • Fiscal Year (FY) Exempt employees: Choose schedule Exempt – Monday to Friday – 8 hours, regardless of FTE. Additional standard options for FY schedules will be built after the initial SuccessFactors implementation. Failure to properly assign/create the schedule will impact the individual’s ability to request Time Off in multiple day increments.
  • Academic Year (AY) Exempt employees: Choose the AY schedules for the appropriate campus (AY-NW, AY-FW, AY-WL). Failure to properly assign/create the schedule will impact the individual’s ability to request Time Off in multiple day increments.
Issue #6 - January 8, 2019

Still unsure what roles your department have in SuccessFactors? The Identity Management – Roles and Privileges webpage located on the SuccessFactors Training website has been updated with information on Roles by User ID or name.

SuccessFactors-Related Roles with Description, by User Name

Use the below workbook to view SuccessFactors-related privileges grouped by business role. Use the second worksheet, titled “Position or User by Role Jan 3,” to view the business roles assigned to positions. The information includes user ID and user name. During the transition to SuccessFactors, an updated workbook will be posted weekly on Mondays. The posted workbook is current as of January 3, 2019.

Supervisors are automatically provided privileges that allow them to create positions, create and process requisitions (to recruit vacant positions) and complete onboarding tasks, when needed. These same roles are also provided in the department support bundle, as indicated in the above workbook. The workbook below includes the user names for each department that have been assigned the supervisor role bundle.

Requesting New Roles

To request or change a role, email The email should contain Position ID and the role name needed or edited. If the new role is only needed for a limited time, please include the end date. 

Working recruitment drop-in labs are available to assist attendees ready to post positions and walk through the process in the system. Department Support (departmental administrative support staff) business management and supervisors, who have access to the recruitment process within SuccessFactors, are encouraged to bring their questions.

The HR – Talent Acquisition team will administrate the drop-in lab. The team will help attendees access the system, post positions, answer questions, etc. Please bring your BoilerKey and position or recruiting information (detailed below).

In order to make an open lab session as smooth as possible, make sure to have the following items before attending. Please remember that these sessions are for recruiting/onboarding tasks; there are separate labs to assist with employee data changes.

position to be hired

  • If there is a signed offer letter for the candidate being hired, please make sure to have the following items answered/completed:
    • Is this person internal (working at Purdue - transfer), external (not working at Purdue), or concurrent (adding an appointment to their already existing employment)
    • Physical offer letter and PDF version of the offer letter (to be uploaded into SharePoint site for Payroll)
    • Start Date
    • Pay
    • Candidate Email
    • Position # we will be hiring them into

Additional helpful tips

Both department support and supervisors can create/edit positions. Business offices cannot create/edit positions – they will need to seek assistance from the area’s department support or supervisors.

In addition to the QRGs referenced above, there is also an online training course titled ‘Position Management for Department Support’ that will be helpful. The Learning tile is accessed through SuccessFactors. Type the title of the course in the “Find Learning” search.

  • Please contact or 44000 if you have access/BoilerKey issues.

For assistance navigating the SuccessFactors Learning Management System, see the SF LMS User Guide.

When ready to hire the vacant position, follow the appropriate process – Faculty,Staff or Quick (Student) Hire. Page 5 of the Review and Post a Job Requisition outlines how to send the private posting when the candidate (with previous signed offer letter) is already known.


All drop-in labs will be held in David C. Pfendler Hall of Agriculture (PFEN), Room 103 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the following days: Jan. 8, 10, 14, 16, 22, 23, 28 and Feb. 13 and 28.

Supervisors can monitor new hire status through the onboarding dashboard. Having the ability to view this data allows the supervisor to closely monitor to ensure the new employee and the assigned processor are completing the tasks on time. Supervisors who also perform Post-Hire Data Verification or act as the Onboarding Coordinator will initiate those tasks from this dashboard as well. Follow Viewing the Onboarding Dashboard Quick Reference Guide for more information.

Due to the Government shutdown, supervisors may notice the Overdue status on E-Verify. Completed I-9s during the government shutdown are expected to be “pushed” to E-Verify once the shutdown has ended. Regardless of the government shutdown, section 1 and 2 of the I-9 will continue to be completed. 

As with other systems (Ariba or Concur, for example), email notifications are often generated to let supervisors and approvers know there are requests or actions submitted for approval. All requests needing approval are listed as Approve Requests under To-Do in SuccessFactors.  

Approve Requests

Manage email messages by using rules is a good way to organize the notifications.

Those who do not want email notifications about requests to approve can follow these simple steps to turn off notifications:

  1. Access SuccessFactors
  2. Select Notifications from the drop-down list under your name, on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Choose Read Messages in the System
    Read Messages in the System

    This will apply to all modules within SuccessFactors. It is important to check in daily to review To-Do to-do or Notifications Notifications.

EEmployees will be able to access the Benefitfocus enrollment tool to enroll for benefits as a new employee, make changes due to life events, adjust health savings account contributions or view current benefit elections. As previously communicated, Benefitfocus has been unavailable for a short period of time due to data conversions. Benefit changes will be allowed retroactively, even if the 30-day window has been exceeded.

Employees who have been hired since 11/15/18 in benefit-eligible positions will be contacted via email with instructions to enroll if they have not already. Benefits will assist as needed via or by phone at 765-494-2222.

Issue #4 - January 3, 2019

Historical Pay Statements and Historical Leave Reports are now available through Employee Launchpad (SuccessFactors) and Finance Launchpad. Historical leave information is available for those who used the online leave request through Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Employee Launchpad (SuccessFactors)

 employee launchpad

Finance Launchpad

 finance launchpad


As outlined in the Pay Practices for 2018 Winter Recess, all non-exempt benefits-eligible employees will use ‘Other Leave With Pay’ to record the winter recess days as paid. The leave request for winter recess days should be completed by the end of the payroll period, January 6. Watch a quick video or follow a Quick Reference Guide (QRG) to learn more about requesting time off.

Employee should complete a paper 33 absence form with all approvals necessary for any approved December leave not entered in SAP. Business offices receiving 2018 absences (biweekly through Dec. 23 and monthly through Dec. 31) not entered or recorded in SAP prior to the cut-off dates can forward the approved leave to for processing. The absence will then be recorded in the old system for recordkeeping purposes, and the quota balance in the new system will be adjusted.

Several help resources are available during January and February, as the University fully transitions to SuccessFactors for all recruiting, onboarding, employee data changes, timekeeping, performance appraisals and merit processes.

BoilerKey is required to access SuccessFactors. Employees currently without a BoilerKey can follow directions provided by Secure Purdue or visit Contact local computer support or help desk for further assistance. 

Working labs are available:

  • Department support, business office staff and supervisors ready to recruit student, staff and faculty positions can bring their information to a recruitment drop-in lab for hands-on assistance.
  • Business offices ready to process employee data changes or other payroll-related tasks can receive assistance from a subject matter expert at a payroll and employee data change open lab.

Online training materials related to employee self-service functions, time off requests and timekeeping are available. All SuccessFactors training resources – such as recruiting, payroll tasks, employee data changes, position management and onboarding – are online.

There are also direct emails to teams that can help answer questions:

Employees are encouraged to discuss any issues with their supervisor. Supervisors and business offices can contact the dedicated help team, composed of project team members, subject matter experts and EPI USE consultants. Help resource guidelines are available online.