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Issue #6 - January 8, 2019

Regardless of the US government shutdown, new hires will continue to complete section 1 of the I-9, and I-9 Verifiers will continue to process section 2. I-9 Verifiers must complete the NEW HIRE DATA VERIFICATION including “signing” the I-9 Verifier signature panel after which the employee’s record will be found in the EVERIFY INITIAL VERIFICATION bucket as shown in the screenshot below.


The “Failed to connect to E-Verify Services” message found on the EVERIFY Initial Verification panel is NOT an error, but notification that EVERIFY is not currently available. I-9 Verifiers experienced a similar notification during previous shutdowns when using the I-9 Management System (TALX), but SuccessFactors’ look and messaging is different.

Completed I-9s during the government shutdown are expected to be “pushed” to EVERIFY once the shutdown has ended. 

When possible, business offices can send a single list of employees requiring further action to  Please include the employee's name, PERNR, email address, hire date, and org unit #. 

Email for any questions. Do not have the employee contact Payroll and Tax Services, we will contact them. 

As we transitioned to SuccessFactors, several incomplete issues regarding the I-9 work authorization process resulted. Payroll and Tax Services will meet with employees impacted by the transition to complete their I-9. The chart below outlines the incomplete scenarios and steps that need to be taken.

Incomplete I-9 Scenarios

Business Office


Employee hired before 1/1/19 who did not receive a Resolved: Authorized result in TALX prior to 12/22/18

Send employee's information to

Will receive an email from to complete an I-9 with Payroll and Tax Services.

Employee hired before 1/1/19 that did NOT get an SSN before 12/14

Employee (under alien auth. to work status) hired before 1/1/19 whose documents are expired/expiring prior to 3/1/19

When possible, business offices can send a single list of employees requiring further action to Please include the employee's name, PERNR, email address, hire date and org unit number.

As a reminder, employees hired before January 1, 2019, who received a “Resolved: Authorized” result in TALX prior to December 22, 2018, and had data entered into SAP, do not need further action.

Employees hired after January 1, 2019, whose information was not entered into SAP (includes those who completed an I-9 in TALX) are processed through SuccessFactors. I-9 verifiers can follow the New Hire Data Verification - I-9 Verifier Quick Reference Guide to complete Section 2. As a reminder, I-9 verifiers accessing the Onboarding Dashboard for the first time will reset their password. The initial password is “password.”

Email for further questions. Do not have the employee contact Payroll and Tax Services, we will contact them. 

Remote I-9s

The remote I-9 process is followed when an employee is working outside the state of Indiana. Similar to the information above, those employees impacted by the transition, that currently have an incomplete I-9 will be contacted by the Payroll and Tax department or will receive an email to complete an I-9 with Payroll and Tax Services.

Employees hired January 1 or after will receive:

  • An automatic notification from SuccessFactors instructing the remote hire to complete their New Hire Paperwork within SF. Once New Hire Paperwork is completed, the remote hire will receive another notification from SF instructing them to send their ZIPCODE to
  • A reply email from containing a short list of employers within their zip code willing to provide reciprocal I-9 processing on behalf of Purdue; step-by-step instructions on how to properly complete the Remote I-9 process; a Form I-9 containing Purdue’s name and address on page 2 and a Section 2 Completer Affidavit.


  • Business office will no longer send a formal Remote I-9 request email.   
  • Business office are welcome to follow up on the status of a remote I-9 by sending an email to
  • Business office staff will continue to send the Glacier access email to all international employees.
Issue #4 - January 3, 2019

The following information relates to new hire processes. In summary, as soon as the new hire information is uploaded, notifications are sent to employee to complete Section 1 of the I-9. Business offices will need to upload graduate employee offer letters not currently in SuccessFactors. The direct hire process should be followed for visiting scholars, adjunct professors, affiliate employees (PRF or Purdue Alumni Association), fellows, temporary employees being routed through an external vendor (e.g. Knowledge Services), and consultants requiring SuccessFactors or S4 access.

I-9s will process through SuccessFactors

Business and central office staff are attending open labs Wednesday and Thursday, January 2-3, to process new hires in SuccessFactors (that were not completed prior to November/December pause dates).

Once the information is loaded into the system, new hires will receive an email notification requesting them to complete Section 1 of the I-9 online. Business office staff completing Section 2 will notice similarities to the previous system. Both a video and Quick Reference Guide (QRG) are available for more information. All I-9 training materials are housed with the Onboarding information on the Training webpage.

Graduate employee offer letters

Offer letters for graduate employees not currently in SuccessFactors who were provided an offer letter prior to go-live must be uploaded to the Payroll Offer Letter site. The file name must follow the naming convention standard: Last Name <space> First Name <space> Effective Date.

Appointment specialists in Payroll will calculate the bi-weekly period rate; Talent Acquisition will enter the employee into SuccessFactors and the submitting individual/office will be notified when the employee is in the Onboarding step and ready for processing.

Direct Hire Process available

The Direct Hire Process is available to be used for visiting scholars, adjunct professors, affiliate employees (PRF or Purdue Alumni Association), fellows, temporary employees being routed through an external vendor (e.g. Knowledge Services), and consultants requiring SuccessFactors or S4 access.

In order to ensure that entries are complete by the upcoming payroll deadline, direct hires forms must be submitted to the appropriate payroll group (designated in the process) by Monday, January 7.

Note: The Direct Hire form includes routing to the employee. If there is doubt that this full routing will be complete by January 7, the business office should follow the previous process of completing and submitting the Fellowship Action (FA) Form and Form 13 by Monday, January 7. 

Cognos update – new Human Capital Management (HCM) structure impact to reporting


With the implementation of SuccessFactors and Employee Central Payroll (ECP), there are now more reporting options. The source of where the data resides generally determines the source tools for the reports. The SuccessFactors training webpage has been updated with a Reporting tile.  

  • The HCM Reporting Resource Grid is a chart that shows where current standard reports are located, along with QRGs for using each tool.
  • The All System Field Crosswalk shows the fields names in SuccessFactors, ECP and Boiler Insight.
  • The HCM Master Data Fields document is a resource to show the values of new master data fields.  This can be helpful when entering selection criteria on reports.

Showcases and hands-on sessions for Statement of Payroll Charge

The following HCM reporting training opportunities will be held in February. 

  • The showcase will review the new reporting landscape, demonstrate SuccessFactors, ECP and Boiler Insight reports and review resources available. 
  • The hands on sessions will focus on running the updated Boiler Insight Statement of Payroll Charges.  This will be the only source of payroll charge data after 1/1/2019.

Click the desired session on the table below to register.

Type of SessionDateTimeLocation
Showcase Monday, February 4 8:30-11:30 a.m. STEW 214 ABCD
Showcase Tuesday, February 5 1:30-4:30 p.m.


Statement of Payroll Charge Hands On Wednesday, February 6 8 a.m.-noon, 1-5 p.m. Hicks G959
Statement of Payroll Charge Hands On Monday, February 11

8 a.m.-noon

1-5 p.m.

SC 231

SC 283

Boiler Insight

Reminder on Boiler Insight availability

Boiler Insight data and reports with new HCM updates will be available to end users on Monday, Jan. 7.  Boiler Insight will be available from Saturday, Dec. 22 through Sunday, Jan. 6 with data through Dec. 22, 2018.

Standard folder changes

With the HCM implementation, there will be some slight changes to the Boiler Insight Standard Content folders.  In the past, under Standard Content>HR/Payroll there were a series of subfolders such as Employee Appointment, Payroll Charge. When the new Boiler Insight instance becomes available on Jan. 7, those subfolders will be gone.  We have used this opportunity to combine several reports so that subfolders will no longer be necessary. There will be a folder titled Prior to CY 2019 for reports that will only run backwards, or before Jan. 1, 2019.