Issue #9: February 28, 2019

SuccessFactors Updates

General Information

Webclock Timekeeping Tips and Tricks

If a supervisor needs to edit or add time pairs (when the employee is unavailable), the changes must be made in the Webclock, not on the SuccessFactors Time Sheet. Changing time in the Webclock allows both the supervisor and the employee to view the changes, avoids duplicate entries, and avoids conflicting entries. Duplicate entries cause overpayment. Conflicting entries cause a payroll stop (“collision”) for the individual.

After time pairs are approved by the supervisor in the Webclock, the pairs are transferred to the SuccessFactors Time Sheet within 30 minutes.

General Timekeeping - edited timesheets and schedule changes

  1. Employee can edit previous approved timesheets

Biweekly-paid staff can edit time or time off two pay periods back from the current date. Monthly-paid staff can edit time off eight weeks back from the current date. Edits prior to those timeframes can be sent to The Timesheet Correction Process provides additional detail.

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Supervisor Changes and Workflow

Supervisor changes
When a new supervisor is assigned, the new supervisor will not see past actions or workflow. They will only see workflow items from the date of their assignment. Page 5 of the Updating Position Details Quick Reference Guide describes how to change the supervisor on the position. Supervisor changes are not performed on the person record, only the position. Supervisor changes are processed overnight.

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Recruitment - offer letter, concurrent employment and post hire data verification

Quick Hire and Offer Letter Template

The required fields in the offer details template (page five of the Preparing the Offer Approval) must be completed. Although student can verbally approve the offer, page 4 of the Extending the Offer Letter QRG, states the verbal approval is processed after the offer template is completed. Simply editing the Offer Letter without completing the template is not sufficient. The template information populates important details for the Manage Pending Hire (MPH) process that ultimately creates the student record. Without this information, the staff completing the Hiring action are unable to do so. Incomplete offer letter templates and offer letters cause a delay in processing.

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Onboarding and Manage Pending Hire (MPH) Q&A

  1. When is the PUID and username generated? The I2A2 (assigning PUID and alias or user name) process runs a nightly job. It also has an hourly job between onboarding and EC. Once the new hire completes their new hire data collection, it is ready for the I2A2 process. Individuals added to Employee Central via a direct hire process will be picked up by the I2A2 nightly job.

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Replication and Timing Updates

The below outlines current replication timing:
EC to ECP Every five minutes, unless payroll is locked for processing.
I2A2 (Identification, Authentication and Authorization) process An overnight process for the data to fully propagate to most systems.

There are other sub-processes where it populates earlier, such as an hourly job from onboarding to EC.
Mini-Master An overnight process from SuccessFactors to S/4
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