Release Date: January 22, 2019

SuccessFactors Updates

General Information

Recruiting and Onboarding New Employees

New hire paperwork

All new hire paperwork is now online. It is important that recruiters, business offices and supervisors remind new hires to review all email communications.

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Offer templates required

When hiring students, it is critical to follow the quick hire process. All hiring processes require the completion of the offer approval template, including student hires, regardless of whether the candidate is internal or external. The Preparing the Offer Approval Quick Reference Guide (QRG) walks through the needed steps. Payroll is unable to process a student hire without the completed offer template, leading to delays.

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Timekeeping Tips

Tips for timekeeping in the following areas, General, Webclock Users and Time Profiles and Work Schedules, are outlined to assist with you timekeeping needs.

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Department Support and Supervisors Information

Creating Positon Update

The Create a Position (Add Peer Position or Lower Level Position) quick reference has been updated with the following information on page 5:

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