Issue #6 - January 8, 2019

SuccessFactors Updates

General Information

SuccessFactors Roles Update - Workbooks Display User ID or Name and Roles

Still unsure what roles your department have in SuccessFactors? The Identity Management - Roles and Privileges webpage located on the SuccessFactors Training website has been updated with information on Roles by User ID or name.

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Reminders for Recruitment Drop-in Labs

Working recruitment drop-in labs are available to assist attendees ready to post positions and walk through the process in the system. Department Support (departmental administrative support staff) business management and supervisors, who have access to the recruitment process within SuccessFactors, are encouraged to bring their questions.

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Onboarding Dashboard

Supervisors can monitor new hire status through the onboarding dashboard. Having the ability to view this data allows the supervisor to closely monitor to ensure the new employee and the assigned processor are completing the tasks on time. Supervisors who also perform Post-Hire Data Verification or act as the Onboarding Coordinator will initiate those tasks from this dashboard as well. Follow Viewing the Onboarding Dashboard Quick Reference Guide for more information.

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Managing Notifications

As with other systems (Ariba or Concur, for example), email notifications are often generated to let supervisors and approvers know there are requests or actions submitted for approval. All requests needing approval are listed as Approve Requests under To-Do in SuccessFactors.  

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Benefitfocus Available

Employees can now access the Benefitfocus enrollment tool to enroll for benefits as a new employee, make changes due to life events, adjust health savings account contributions or view current benefit elections. As previously communicated, Benefitfocus was unavailable for short period of time due to data conversions. Benefit changes will be allowed retroactively, even if the 30-day window has been exceeded.

Employees who have been hired since 11/15/18 in benefit-eligible positions will be contacted via email with instructions to enroll if they have not already.  Benefits will assist as needed via or by phone at 765-494-2222.

Department Support and Supervisors Information

Position Management - Additional Resources

Both supervisors and department support (administrative positions within the unit) have the ability to create and edit positions. A vacant position, set as ‘To Be Hired’ within Position Details, is the first step in the recruitment process. Two resources have been added to the Position Management training site that will help determine correct field completions, including viewing position numbers.

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Searching Positions

The recruitment process starts with a vacant position (example ), ready to be hired . As stated in another article, the supervisor and/or department support can create or edit the position. The first place to view positions and view position numbers is the Positon Org Chart. The Position Org Chart is viewable under Company Information, along with the (Person) Org Chart and Directory.


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Business Support and Central Office Information

Government Shutdown and I-9 Processes

Regardless of the US government shutdown, new hires will continue to complete section 1 of the I-9, and I-9 Verifiers will continue to process section 2. I-9 Verifiers must complete the NEW HIRE DATA VERIFICATION including “signing” the I-9 Verifier signature panel after which the employee’s record will be found in the EVERIFY INITIAL VERIFICATION bucket as shown in the screenshot below.

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Process for Incomplete I-9 Work Authorization Due to SuccessFactors Transition

As we transitioned to SuccessFactors, several incomplete issues regarding the I-9 work authorization process resulted. Payroll and Tax Services will meet with employees impacted by the transition to complete their I-9. The chart below outlines the incomplete scenarios and steps that need to be taken.


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