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Remote Work

If your position will continue to work remotely, consider the following.
  • If equipment has been removed from campus, a Property Off Campus form should be on file. There is no need to complete another remote work request or Property Off Campus form, as long as those forms are on file.
  • Discuss with your supervisor expectations for any on-campus meeting or event requiring attendance so preparations to return to campus can be done.
  • Discuss with your supervisor team meeting expectations, especially if some will join in person and others remotely.
  • Review the remote worker toolkit and manager toolkit, that were previously created and communicated.
  • Review ITaP’s tools for technology and working remotely.
  • Regardless of where you work, protecting yourself and ultimately Purdue, is your responsibility. Follow the guidelines in the Protect Purdue Pledge and online at Protect Purdue.
  • All remote work processes and information are located on the Workplace Flexibility and Remote Work Guidelines website.
  • Validate work location status is accurate. Work location indicates if you are on campus or remote. The status is viewable under the Job Information section or tab found in your SuccessFactors employee profile or ‘My Profile.’ Notify your supervisor if your work location status should be updated. Your supervisor can update this by following a quick reference guide or how-to video.