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Flexible or Hybrid Work Schedules

If you are returning to work on campus with a hybrid schedule that involves both remote work and time spent on campus, please consider the following: 

Acknowledge change in work location 
  • Your supervisor should update your work location status. Supervisors can follow a quick reference guide to update the work location status in SuccessFactors.
  • Employees should complete the Property Off Campus form when removing or returning equipment.  
  • If a remote work acknowledgment form has been signed, employees do not need to complete a new remote work form to acknowledge the hybrid schedule.
  • Review and understand equipment expectations with your supervisor. Purdue is responsible for equipping employees with one workstation, whether that is at home or on campus. There are creative ways to help employees working the hybrid schedule to acquire needed furniture or equipment. The Surplus store is a great place to start. 
Discuss work expectations 
Continue to Protect Purdue and our community 
Review resources that will support work transitions