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Eva Nodine: She’s all about the benefits

This time of year especially, everyone’s talking about benefits. Benefits is a topic of conversation for someone though every day of the year, not just around open enrollment. The Benefits team plays an enormous role in the lives of Purdue employees and faculty members – they are, after all, the ones managing all the moving pieces, answering questions and ensuring we have high-quality, affordable benefit programs available.

Leading the ever-changing Benefits pack is Eva M. Nodine, director of benefits in Human Resources. She has been employed at Purdue for five years, the last three in her current position. Always learning and growing in order to bring new things to our benefits packages, Nodine works tirelessly to do so.

“I really enjoy the collaboration and the relationships I’ve built throughout the University,” she said. “I also really like numbers and analyzing data and costs. It’s the CPA in me! But mostly I love helping people. I really believe that we have the ability to impact employees and their families’ lives for the better.”

Nodine keeps pace with the needs of her team and the University through continuous movement – meetings across campus, one-on-one meetings with her team members, impromptu meetings with someone in need, phone calls, managing hundreds of daily emails and more. Sometimes the workload causes the need for late hours in the office or working from home.

“I spend a lot of my day putting out fires and then the rest of the days are working on strategy and looking forward to the next project and/or benefit improvement,” she said.

While most of what she does is positive, challenging aspects of her role also come into play. According to Nodine, balancing the many moving parts of benefits, including employees’ needs while maintaining affordable benefits, regulations and day-to-day operations of all areas of her department, is what she finds to be the most challenging.

This time of year, the moving parts speed up and multiply. Open enrollment brings even more to the table. “During open enrollment, I help out in labs, do presentations and assist with customer service questions as needed,” she said. “We also spend a lot of time making sure our vendors’ systems are set up correctly and the new documents are set up.”

Despite all the duties and responsibilities her area has to deliver on, she manages to effectively balance work life with home life. Her oldest son, Henry, loves superheroes. When asked what super power she’d like to have, Nodine responded, “I really wish I could freeze time.”

At the end of each day, Nodine finds peace in her evening routine. She calls her sister on her way home from work and once home, it’s time for comfy clothes and a family walk around the neighborhood with her husband and children. As for hobbies, Nodine likes to run and read and would love to find time to do more Pinterest-style crafting. Of course, no matter the time of day, Nodine said, “I always enjoy playing with my kids.”

As you can see, Nodine keeps extremely busy and handles a plethora of responsibilities, pressure and expectations while enjoying her home life as well. Through it all, she is thankful for the encouragement and assistance she is provided.

“I couldn’t do this job without my amazing staff and the support of all of HR,” she said. “Purdue is a great place to work, and I really value how much support there is from all areas across campus.”

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