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Cindy Davis takes new role

As the Organizational Effectiveness unit builds steam on campus, a new manager has joined its ranks. Effective September 1, Organizational Effectiveness welcomed Cindy Davis as the manager of HR communications and change management.

Previously, Davis served as senior instructional designer/trainer in Business Training & Communications - and most recently in Human Resources - and has garnered a wealth of experience and knowledge in her almost seven years at Purdue.

According to Davis, the biggest challenge is the transition period. She will continue serving and leading projects from her previous training position until a replacement is found. Even then, she will mentor and help the new team member adjust.

“I look forward to sharing knowledge and helping them get off to a great start,” Davis said of her replacement. “I also am making strides to really learn more about HR communications, getting to know the team and their expertise, listening to our current customers, establishing expectations and yes, learning another set of acronyms and abbreviations.”

As you can imagine, Davis is in constant motion. At the moment, she is becoming very good at time management, and her goal is to know and keep her eye on the things that are considered most important and set and accomplish those goals accordingly.

“I have a lot to look forward to,” Davis said. “First, I can’t wait to partner with Kevin Vedder, senior director, organizational effectiveness, on change management initiatives. I can’t wait to expand my current knowledge and dedicate both time and energy towards something so important. Secondly, I can’t wait to work with the HR communications team. I know together, along with our colleagues or customers, we will consistently create high-quality HR communication pieces.”

As of yet, Davis is unsure of what her ‘normal’ workday will look like as she continues to navigate responsibilities of her past and present positions. However, outside of work, she does have one vice – coffee!

“I start my day with coffee,” she said. “It’s my one consistent thing about each day.”

With two teenagers and a husband who works a slightly different schedule than her, things can get a little tricky. However, Davis and her family’s morning goals are quite simple – get each person out the door so they make it to their next destination on time and with all the things they need to have a successful day. Right after that first cup of coffee, Davis checks calendars to help dictate the game plan for everyone for the day and week.

That system has shown such success at home she has implemented a similar tactic at work – except she switches from coffee to green tea.

“I try and look at the bigger picture each morning and then adjust the daily tasks so I am meeting the goals set for the week,” she explained.

At the end of each work day, the first thing Davis does is call her mom. Checking in with her on her way home every day is part of her routine. If she doesn’t call by 5:30 p.m., Davis said her mom gets worried.

“She has me trained well,” Davis said.

It’s hard to imagine with everything she has on her plate, that Davis has time for anything else. But rest assured she does. The loyalty and dedication shown at work carries over into her home life, of course.

Outside of work, Davis said she loves hanging out with her family.

“My kids keep me busy with different school activities, and my husband is always tackling a home project,” she said. “I am not nearly as talented as him, but every once in a while he lets me help out.”

And then there’s her love of helping others. On Tuesday nights she helps organize food for the Celebrate Recovery program and works with a great group of volunteers who like to have fun while serving food.

Twice a month, Davis mentors a group of middle-school-aged girls through a program called Girls Night In.

“We tackle some pretty heavy topics such as abuse, drug or food addictions and how to deal with a chaotic school or family life,” she shared. “Honestly, I have learned more from them than they have from me.”

She also does try and make some time for herself, too. As a self-proclaimed avid walker, Davis said she walks across campus during her lunch hour when she can and also loves Turkey Run.

“I also try jogging from time to time,” she said. “But as my son likes to remind me – walk or jog – my pace doesn’t change.”

It’s apparent to all who meet her – and those who have known her for quite some time – that Davis gives her attention and dedication to many areas – work, home and outside interests. It comes as no surprise to learn that if she could have a super power, it would either be the ability to slow down time or the ability to be in two places at once. Both would serve her well.

“The older you get the, more you realize how important the relationships you have with others really is.” Davis said. “Hearing someone is pretty easy, but really listening and focusing your attention on that person, that takes time.

“I am a great multi-tasker, but it is a great skill at the right time,” she said. “My kids don’t necessarily appreciate it when I am listening to them and getting something done at the same time. Cherishing time with those you love, or even with those you’re just getting to know better is important. They are worth it!”

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