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Bravo Award

Guess what’s back? Bravo's back!

After a second successful year of the Bravo Award program, the decision to continue highlighting excellence and rewarding employees for achievements that stretch beyond the norm wasn’t a difficult one. We’re happy to announce that Bravo will go on for a third year.

What’s new for the 2015-16 plan year? Just two things.

  • The $250 award will be reestablished to allow participating units greater opportunities to provide awards.
  • The definition of operational excellence has been clarified to better define the award category. The new definition is “Extraordinary effort during times of critical department need (e.g., contribution that clearly and significantly exceeds standard job requirements and impacts the accomplishment of important and critical business operational goals and deliverables) or extraordinary performance that far exceeds expected or required performance. Managers must be able to document specific achievements and/or measurable contributions to the unit’s business based upon the employee’s exceptional performance.”

If your unit isn’t yet taking part in Bravo, there’s still time. To begin participating this year, or to simply ask questions about the program, please contact

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