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Be healthy: Utilize preventive care services

Be healthy: Utilize preventive care services

The Center for Healthy Living, located on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus, offers primary care and preventive care services to benefits-eligible employees covered on a Purdue health plan. Covered dependents also are welcome to use the center for their primary care needs. Yearly physicals are among the many important services provided.
Yearly physical examinations at the center include well-woman, well-man and well-child checks.

“It’s recommended that everyone get a yearly physical,” said Carolyn Cooper, MD, medical director at the Center for Healthy Living. “If people can keep up with their yearly examinations and other preventive services, it's much easier to detect diseases early. Preventive care also helps identify when a patient is at risk for a disease so specific preventive steps can be taken.”

For a first-hand look at how yearly checkups can play a significant role in an employee’s health, Lynn Cornell’s story speaks volumes about the importance of scheduling those appointments.

The center also offers $25 sports physicals for dependents covered on a Purdue medical plan.

All preventive care at the center is covered at 100 percent for anyone 8 weeks and older who is covered on a Purdue medical plan. For more information on preventive care, Anthem provides a list that outlines preventive care services. Similarly, if an employee covered on a Purdue medical plan has an outside primary care provider, preventive care is covered at 100 percent there as well.

Colonoscopy news
One of the important preventive screenings is the screening colonoscopy. Previously, only the colonoscopy and related prep kit were considered preventive, which meant any polyp removals performed during a screening colonoscopy would be considered diagnostic. Today, that is not the case if the provider codes the polyp removal as screening. This new coding opportunity provides additional preventive coverage should a simple polyp be found. Patients are encouraged to speak with their providers about how that will be coded should it become relevant during the procedure. Coding is not easily changed after the fact so ensuring appropriate coding up front is important.

Utilize your preventive care services wherever you choose
According to Eva Nodine, benefits director in Human Resources, the goal is for all employees to get their annual physicals, either at the center or at their provider’s office.
“Healthy employees tend to be happier employees,” Nodine said. “We want our employees to seek out preventive care and get their annual physicals. The on-site center provides convenience and great services but we also understand that some employees have longstanding relationships with their outside providers. Many local in-network physicians are available also to support the health of our employees.  Our goal is just in making sure employees are utilizing preventive care services wherever it makes the most sense for them.”

The bottom line is that getting and staying healthy is the best way to get in front of diseases that could become chronic.

The center offers many wellness workshops  to complement primary care services – regardless of where that care is provided and the center works collaboratively with outside providers to ensure the best care possible for their patients.

“Annual physicals and preventive screenings provide the best tools to gain knowledge – for both the patient and the provider – and identify any medical concerns before they cause serious health issues,” Cooper said.  

Wellness benefits
As an added bonus, employees who have selected Critical Illness Insurance or Accident Insurance can be paid for taking care of their health. Both the Accident Insurance program through Trustmark and the Critical Illness program through Unum will pay wellness benefits per person based on the respective program’s requirements.

  • Critical Illness: The Critical Illness Program through Unum will pay a wellness benefit of $75 each calendar year per covered person just for completing one covered wellness service. Examples of covered services include: mammogram, colonoscopy, Pap test or prostate exam.  

To file a wellness claim under your critical illness coverage:

  • Call 800-635-5597.
  • Request to submit a wellness claim.
  • Be prepared with the following information:
    - First and last name of the policyholder
    - Policyholder’s social security number and / or policy number
    - First and last name of the claimant (may or may not  be the policyholder)
    - Name and date of the test
    - Physician’s name and / or the facility name where the test was performed
  • If you do not want to file a claim over the phone, you can request a paper claim form at the number above.

Visit the Critical Illness Insurance page online for more information.

  • Accident Insurance: The Accident Insurance program through Trustmark will pay a wellness benefit of $50, up to a maximum of two wellness visits per person or 10 wellness visits per family each calendar year, just for completing one covered wellness service. Examples of covered services include: routine physicals, mammogram, colonoscopy, Pap test or prostate exam.

To file a wellness benefit claim under your accident insurance  coverage:

  • Provide Trustmark with a copy of the bill, which contains your name, the name and address of the facility where the service was done, the type of service performed and the date it was performed.
  • You can mail your vaccine, routine physical or other screening evidence to:
    Trustmark Insurance Company
    100 North Parkway
    Suite 200
    Worcester, MA 01605
  • You can fax the information to 508-853-2867

The Accident Insurance web page provides more details on the program.

Center for Healthy Living hours of service
The center is open Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lab hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. For medical consultation after hours or on weekends, please contact the Anthem nurse line at 888-279-5449 for assistance.

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