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From Purdue’s executive recruiting team: Everyone is a recruiter

How can everyone be a recruiter? You are probably thinking, “I already have a position at the University as a (insert your job here). There is no way I can be a recruiter, too!” Despite everything you do and all the job responsibilities you already have, yes, you do need to add recruiting to that list.

“How in the world can that be?” you might be asking. “I’m not in Human Resources, I know nothing about talent acquisition and I barely have time to look up from my computer!”

While all of the aforementioned may be true, please know that every time you have a conversation about your position, you are recruiting. Every time you have a conversation about Purdue University, you have the opportunity to recruit. And now the question to ask yourself is are you a good recruiter?

Let’s go back and think about when you were first hired at Purdue. What made you accept your position? Why Purdue? For me, it was the opportunity to work at my alma mater, which also happens to be a world-renowned university. It was being able to say that I work at a place that moves the world forward. And no, I’m not even close to being a researcher or scientist, but what I do (recruiting) helps others at the University move the world forward and make the world a better place. I love being able to walk a couple of blocks and see campus bursting with students who have a passion for their studies. While I’m not an academic, I LOVE being a part of academia. Purdue provides an innovative, dynamic environment, and it is exciting to see and be a part of all the amazing things that happen here.

So what’s the answer to your “Why Purdue” question? And more importantly, are you sharing what you love about Purdue (and your department or team) in your everyday conversations? What about in the team interviews in which you participate? These conversations can help others see what is so great about Purdue and pique their interest in applying or boost their hope of being the chosen candidate and sharing their experience with others. And when folks are interested in applying at Purdue, our applicant pools grow larger, richer and more robust. When applicant pools are rich and robust, Purdue is able to hire quality employees – much like yourself. When we share our Purdue stories with others and let them know what a great place this University is, we are all working as recruiters. We’re bringing good people to great things and helping the University flourish. What could be better than that?

Finally, you have a chance to channel your inner recruiter – Purdue is hosting a career fair on June 28! What a great opportunity between now and then to share your Purdue story with others. If you need some food for thought, tap into our social media sites to check out all that Purdue has to offer! 

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