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How to grow your career:
tips from Purdue leaders

Hello from Talent Acquisition! In our last few articles we’ve discussed creating resumes that stand out, interview basics and acing the behavioral interview. We decided to take a different direction this time and provide our readers with some key advice from our leadership at Purdue! See what insightful advice they provide on career growth and aspiration.

“Contributing our skills and expertise to helping those around us helps build a more supportive and positive environment which has a way of coming around and helping in our own growth,” said Suresh Garimella, executive vice president for research and partnerships, Goodson Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering

“The best advice I can give to those with career aspiration is, rarely say ‘no,’ and if you have to, make it your answer only after every option to get to ‘yes’ is exhausted,” said Gina DelSanto, chief of staff. “Employers value individuals who ‘own’ their jobs and are invested in the enterprise for which they work. Wherever you work, take on new challenges, accept new opportunities, offer suggestions and solve intractable problems,” DelSanto added. “People for whom the immediate answer is ‘no’ may get a second chance, but they’ll rarely get a third. The second best piece of advice I can offer to the aspirational is this: Don’t just raise a problem…offer a solution, and if you can, offer three. It will cause you to think critically, and your boss/co-workers will be grateful you did.”

How great to know that some of the best career advice lies right here at Purdue, straight from our leadership! Great food for thought moving forward to help us all work on career growth and aspiration.

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