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Dual-career couple finds home
at Purdue

The Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention (OFRR) will celebrate its second anniversary of supporting the University’s commitment to recruiting and retaining faculty in April – and many of the dual-career couples who have come to Purdue since its inception are celebrating the office and the help its consultants provide. One of those couples is Jaime Bauer Malandraki and Georgia Malandraki, respectively a clinical instructor and assistant professor, from the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.

Georgia and Jaime came to Purdue in August 2014, when Georgia joined the University’s faculty. That fall, Georgia saw OFRR mentioned in a Purdue Today article and sent an inquiry. Faculty Recruitment and Retention Consultant Lauren Ratcliff was the one to respond.

“She met with both of us to discuss my work history and desired position,” recalls Jaime. “She maintained contact throughout the entire hiring process.”

Georgia and Jaime were not aware of OFRR’s dual-career services before coming to Purdue; however, they strongly encourage other couples to take advantage of the office’s help.

“Absolutely reach out to the Office either prior to or after arriving on campus,” Jaime says. “Our experience tells us (they) are extraordinarily helpful and will work with you to come up with a solution that is favorable to everyone.

“It was their encouragement and guidance that led us to explore spousal hiring opportunities within our department. Now, we both have our dream jobs!”

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