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Anthem works to keep your personal information secure

As part of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s measures to keep their members’ information safe, free identity protection is now offered as a part of their medical plans.

As Purdue’s medical plan administrator, Anthem took industry-leading steps to help keep your information safe. If you elected a Purdue medical plan, then you are covered.

Anthem’s continued partnership with AllClear ID, a leader in identity protection services, offers Anthem’s customers automatic access to protection should they need it.

Identity protection services include:

  • Identity Repair – is automatically available to our eligible health plan members with no enrollment required. If the member becomes a victim of identity theft, an AllClear ID investigator will act as their guide and advocate from start-to-finish until the issue is resolved.
  • Credit and Identity Theft Monitoring – is an extra layer of protection that helps the member stay informed of their credit activity. Enrollment is required. Once a person signs up, AllClear ID will send alerts when banks and creditors open new accounts in the member’s name. If something doesn’t sound right, the member will be able to contact AllClear ID right away to help resolve the issue.

“This is a great offering from Anthem, and we would encourage all benefits-eligible faculty and staff who are covered under a Purdue health plan to make use of these services,” said Eva Nodine, director of benefits in Human Resources.

For more information, you can contact Human Resources at 49-42222, or via HRHelp. You can also contact Anthem directly at 855-227-9830 or visit their AllClear ID web page.

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