Human Resources Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals For You

Manager Checklist

All managers should be aware of employment actions that require prior approval before they hire, promote or execute other actions.

Your HR Business Partner can help provide further guidance and is often the first point of contact. Locate your HR Business Partner and other HR teams through the Staff Directory.

Task Timeframe Helpful Resources
Ensure organizational structure meets needs; create, edit or delimit positions, when applicable Discuss annually with senior leadership
Recruit and hire new employees, when applicable When needed
Onboard new employees First 30 days
Review and approve webclock time or timesheets for nonexempt staff Weekly
Review and approve time off As requested
Coach and train employees on job duties; follow discipline guidelines when needed Regularly
  • Work with your HR Business Partner when reviewing discipline guidelines
  • Meet with your manager to discuss job skill coaching and training
  • Review job duties and daily tasks with direct reports
Assist employees with career paths and development plans, when applicable Annually; monitor periodically
  • Review available resources at Managing your Career to help direct reports with career plans and learning opportunities
Review and initiate awards and promotions, when applicable
  • Staff promotions are processed semi-annually
  • Potential awards reviewed monthly
Create and complete performance goals; assist your employees with creating and completing performance goals Annually; monitor periodically
Complete annual performance appraisals, when applicable Annually
Assist Sr Leadership with merit process, when asked Annually
Notify employment or payroll center of any employee data changes (change in pay, hours, position, terminations, etc.) When needed
  • Review Offboarding employees (termination/ separations)
    • It is imperative to notify your Payroll or Employment center with employee’s last day of employment to prevent overpayment
    • Contact your HR-Business Partner for additional guidance with separation, termination and other offboarding situations
    • If the employee was working remotely, the supervisor should discuss the return of University equipment and notify the business office of its return so the POC form can be updated.
  • Review staff compensation guidelines for promotion and other processes