Rebalancing Calculator

Criteria used for rebalancing:
  1. Total compensation (salary + retirement contributions) must be at least equal to the employee's current total compensation.
  2. The adjusted net salary, which is the employee's rebalanced salary minus the employee's mandatory 4 percent retirement contribution, must be at least equal to the employee's current salary.
For employees earning less than $86,400 annually, their rebalanced total compensation will be higher than their current total compensation because Purdue will increase their salary by enough to ensure that the employee's net salary is not reduced.

To calculate the effect of rebalancing on your total compensation, provide the requested information below, and then click the Calculate button. Be sure to view all three tables. Any pay changes you experience before the first of the year will be taken into account when rebalancing is processed.

If your salary is greater than $234,660, please answer the following question:
Were you hired by Purdue University before 7/1/1996?