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Recruiting a temporary employee just got easier. Purdue now has a contract with Knowledge Services that makes hiring a temporary employee a no-hassle, one-stop shop.

When your department needs a temporary employee, you’ll fill out an online intake form and describe your need. Knowledge Services does the rest: temporary staffing agencies bid through the Knowledge Services system, Knowledge Services does the screening … as well as the orientation and the onboarding. Hiring managers can conduct the interviews, but there’s no paperwork for the department to complete.

So remember: if you need temporary staffing coverage for food service, clerical, skilled trades, custodial, and professional positions, among others, this new partnership simplifies that process.

Areas throughout the University may require temporary staff for a variety of reasons, including vacations, leaves of absence, special projects and seasonal peaks.

Knowledge Services temporary staffing – Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge Services is a managed service provider for the University that serves as the single point of contact for temporary staffing. They manage the temporary staffing process from a department’s initial service request,through onboardig the employee to invoicing .

If you need temporary services and have not already identified a candidate , you’ll use Knowledge Services for recruiting.

If you have already identified a candidate, you aren’t required to use Knowledge Services. Please keep in mind the restrictions of temporary appointments – a temporary employee may only work for one year, with hours accruing over 1,000 between all assignments. If you know your need will extend beyond the restrictions, it’s recommended to use Knowledge Services. When utilizing Knowledge Services as the employer of record, there are no restrictions on the length of time or hours worked.

In either case, to request temporary services, you’ll start with the Temporary Staff Request Form.

Current temporary employees remain with their assigned department to complete their original term. If the need extends beyond the original time line, please contact Roxie Coble.

Begin by visiting the Knowledge Services website. Complete the Temporary Staff Request Form, where you identify the type of service needed, position responsibilities, as well as any special skills required for the position, etc. Knowledge Services will follow up to validate the information and will then enter it into the system for vendors to bid.

Knowledge Services will screen to make sure candidates meet the position requirements, and the department will have the option to interview candidates. Once a hiring department selects the individual, Knowledge Services will handle onboarding, including helping the successful candidate acquire a parking permit and ID.

How does using Knowledge Services benefit me? Knowledge Services serves as a one- stop shop for temporary staffing coverage. Knowledge Services handles employee relations and performance management. Departments save time by eliminating the need to do initial screening, background checks, orientation, onboarding and related paperwork.

Those working through Knowledge Services will receive a Purdue staff ID, will still be able to ride CityBus for free and will be able to acquire a parking permit (renewable by the month).

Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of hours or length of time.

Pay rate is simply the hourly pay rate for the temporary placement, where the bill rate is what Purdue pays for services rendered, including program management, employment services and marketing (which is only applicable for recruited temps). For recruited temps, the maximum bill rate is determined by the competitive bidding process and reflects the specific requirements of the position, including demand and skill set.

dotStaff™ is Knowledge Services’ vendor management system (VMS), and this system is used by temporary staff to enter time and by Purdue staff to review the entered time. To approve or deny time entry, follow the instructions at https://www.dotstaff.com/GSG/Manager_GSG.pdf. Time approval and denial can be delegated to a Purdue designee; to arrange for temporary delegation, contact Knowledge Services.

Feel free to review the conversion process and/or email Roxie Coble for assistance.


The temporary staff person will complete the following tasks facilitated by the employer of record and/or Knowledge Services before beginning services:
  • background check,
  • temporary staff person’s required employment paperwork,
  • Purdue and/or the requesting department’s training and orientation (unless the department chooses to perform this task internally),
  • dotStaff training for time entry,
  • acquisition of parking passes,
  • acquisition of Purdue Contractor badge, and
  • ensure building access is set up (if applicable).

Purdue department to receive the services of the temporary staff person will complete the following tasks before beginning services:


  • Upon the termination of the placement, Knowledge Services coordinates the following:
    • Communication to the temporary staff person of services no longer needed
    • Collection of the Purdue Contractor badge and other Purdue property
  • Emergency termination: If necessary, follow the Purdue established procedures including campus police participation to assure the safety of the students, faculty, staff and temporary staff person.

Work Product management vs. Employee (labor) management

  • Work product is managed by the Purdue staff. This includes scheduling and the services being rendered.
  • Employee (labor) management is the function of the Employer of Record. This includes pay check questions, employee relations questions, and benefit questions when applicable. The performance of the employee is addressed by the vendor.
  • Purdue management will schedule and train on specific equipment/Purdue processes.
  • Administrative supervision is handled by the vendor. The on-site manager performs functional supervision in directing work and setting the schedule

Collaborate with Purdue Human Resources and Vendor Management to assist with the transition. We recommend you start by initiating a call with Roxie Coble. If necessary, Purdue Vendor Management will coordinate discovery meetings with various Purdue department staff members to create an efficient transition.

Follow the instructions at https://www.dotstaff.com/GSG/Manager_GSG.pdf. You may elect to interview candidates or have Knowledge Services select the temporary staff person. When reviewing the candidates’ proposed bill rates, please review the rate card to assure that the proposed bill rate is at or below the negotiated maximum bill rate. In the event, that equally skilled candidates are of similar bill rates, Purdue may ask Knowledge Services to seek the Best and Final Offer (BAFO) bill rate from the network providers for recruited positions.

Review these forms ahead of time to be familiar with each employer’s process in the event of an injury: Employee Injury Treatment Instructions and Dining Service Workers Emergency Contact.

If an emergency, call 911.

Follow Purdue’s process to file the First Report of Injury.

If mitigation assistance is desired, please contact Roxie Coble. Provide relevant documentation and emails to empower Roxie to compare the experience with the contractual terms.

It is vital to continue to monitor the purchase order burn down. Additional funds cannot be added to a purchase order; a new purchase order is necessary to allow services to continue. It is advisable to remain aware of the purchase order status and provide the Purdue staff person who is creating the purchase order ample time to create a new purchase order.

Overtime is contractually available; however, it will need to receive internal approval and be included to the purchase order to be allowed. Overtime rates begin when greater than 40 hours per week are worked. If the individual is working in more than one department, contact Justine Handzel (317-806-0011) for assistance.

For Sponsored Programs

Overtime charges and regular effort charges should always be charged at proportionate levels across all of the accounts supporting the compensation.

The current process used for Purdue employees will continue to be used for temporary staff.

Employment of Minors

Review the Employment of Minors page for information about the policy, Age Restrictions, Employment Certificates, and more.

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