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Providing work guidelines to employees

In addition to the job description and the performance standards you establish for your employees, other tools can help them do their jobs.

One tool that can be a great resource for employees is to establish work guidelines for your specific department or area. Many rules are already in place in the form of University policies and laws, but some rules and procedures need to be department-specific.

Some standard work guidelines that most supervisors want to include are:


How your area works together to meet customer expectations


Procedures for employees reporting absences and tardies


Procedures for requesting time off for illness, vacation, personal days or personal holiday, bereavement leave, and jury duty


Your base workweek departmental hours, and whether or not flexible work arrangements are permitted

As you compose your guidelines, it is important that they are in compliance with existing University policies and laws, and that they are practical, clear, and understandable. They must also be enforceable and applied evenly to all employees.

Work guidelines can be very helpful by providing continuity and equity in the workplace. Having a document in writing that has been given to employees can help ensure that everyone understands the procedures that are in place for your area.

If you are interested in developing work guidelines, your Employee Relations consultant can assist you.

- Kathy VanPaemel
Employee Relations

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