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LeadingEdition: E-Newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

LeadingEdition: E-newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

What you should be thinking about NOW for next year's performance evaluations

Most supervisors have recently completed performance evaluations on all employees. These evaluations can be time-consuming to complete and nerve-wracking to give.

Use the tips below to make next year�s round of performance feedback easier on yourself and your employees.

Create a file folder on each employee. It�s important to have a place to collect data throughout the year on your employees� work performance.

Observe and document. When you notice specific facts, events, or behaviors related to work performance and the results of work performance, write them down and place them in the folder, after you have discussed them with the employee. Observations are the raw data upon which effective performance feedback is based. Specific examples will make both praise and constructive feedback more effective.

When you can't be present to observe performance, be sure that you have processes in place through which you can learn about how your employees are doing. Some suggestions for doing this include:


Evaluate the output and products of the employee's work


Ask your employee to do periodic reports and share them with you for discussion


Obtain feedback from customers--in writing when possible


Ask peers of the employee to provide confidential evaluations of the employee�s performance. Have workers evaluate their supervisors. (Call your employee relations consultant for sample questions and forms.)

When gathering performance feedback through one of methods above, be sure that everyone clearly understands the process and that you apply the process fairly to all.

Share things in the employee�s file folder with the employee on a regularly scheduled basis. The information included in the performance evaluation should not come as a surprise to your employee. Ideally, you should meet with each employee on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Use this time to review noteworthy folder items.

Revisit any �Needs improvement� or �Unsatisfactory� ratings on a regular basis. Review the previous evaluation and let your employee know how he or she is progressing toward goals.

By following these tips, you will improve your ability to evaluate your employee fairly and to provide feedback for the entire year, not just on recent events. Studies have shown that the performance appraisal is one of the duties supervisors most often fail to do, and it is something that employees want to know. If you want additional suggestions on how to provide performance feedback, contact your employee relations consultant.

- Connie Reckowsky
Employee Relations Consultant

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