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Equal access/equal opportunity briefings

Human Resources is teaming up with the Office of Institutional Equity to provide equal access/equal opportunity briefings to all Purdue University employees on the West Lafayette campus.

Equal access/equal opportunity briefings continue into 2008 as part of former President Jischke's initiative "to enhance a campus environment that values the inherent worth and dignity of each member of the Purdue community, and also ensures a campus environment free of discrimination and harassment."

As supervisors, you will need to provide release time for your staff to attend a briefing. In addition, you will want to attend a briefing to learn about your responsibility as a supervisor in preventing discrimination and harassment.

The comprehensive briefing shares the University's commitment to foster an equitable and inclusive campus climate by ensuring equal access and equal opportunity to all members of the University community. The briefing invites staff, faculty, and graduate students to discuss ways to ensure Purdue is a campus environment free of discrimination and harassment.

Briefings provide information on discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, disabilities, and retaliation. Information on where to seek assistance is provided in addition to explanations of the University?s Nondiscrimination Policy Statement, Antiharassment Policy, and Procedures for Resolving Complaints. There are case studies and participants are given an opportunity to discuss behaviors necessary to ensure an inclusive university community.

Briefings are 90 minutes in length and are limited to 50 people to provide all participants an opportunity to fully discuss the issues.

Sessions are now being scheduled. You may choose to visit the Human Resources Training and Development Web site to register for a University-wide session or you may contact either Alvin Lee, training specialist, Human Resource Services at 49-47418 or Lynne Horngren, training specialist, Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance at 49-69634 to schedule a session for your department or for more information.

- Sharon Williams, manager
Employee Relations

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