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Reduction in force (RIF) changes affect vacation and work in temporary positions

Reduction in force (RIF) situations are always delicate, so it is important that supervisors call their employee relations consultant for assistance anytime they might have a RIF case in their work area. Employee Relations can guide you through the policy and help you handle the situation as smoothly as possible.

Supervisors and department heads need to be aware of two recent revisions to the Reduction in Workforce Policy, VI.F.22. The first change relates to use of vacation during a RIF situation. The second change concerns employees in RIF status who accept temporary assignments.


Previously, after completing his or her last day in pay status, an employee was placed in vacation status until the employee had used up all accrued vacation time. When the vacation was exhausted, the employee was placed in the 120-day unpaid layoff status. Under recent revisions, the employee will now go directly from the last day in pay status to the 120-day unpaid layoff status. Payment for the accrued vacation will be included in the employee�s final paycheck.

Temporary positions

In the past, employees could accept temporary positions during their 120-day unpaid layoff status and accrue sick leave and vacation as if they were regular employees. This provision caused an undue hardship on the department that hired the temporary employee because the department had no funding for the payment of sick leave or vacation. Therefore, the policy has been updated to allow employees to work in temporary positions during the 120-day unpaid layoff status, but they will not accrue vacation and sick leave. The 120-day unpaid layoff status is not suspended during the time the employee is working in the temporary position.

If you have any questions about these changes or any other parts of the Reduction in Workforce Policy, please contact Employee Relations.

- Sharon Williams
Employee Relations Manager

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