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LeadingEdition: E-Newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

LeadingEdition: E-newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

Welcome to the first issue of LeadingEdition!

Human Resource Services is pleased to bring you a new electronic newsletter especially for people who supervise staff at Purdue.

We'll publish LeadingEdition four times a year in January, April, July, and October. The newsletter will cover topics related to employment, compensation and classification, employee relations, and training.

Please make reading LeadingEdition a priority. Supervising staff today is more difficult and complex than ever before, and the legal ramifications can be significant with supervisors being held personally responsible. Your failure to know or to act may not be a defense in the event of a violation or inaction. LeadingEdition will help provide the information you need to manage and supervise staff effectively.

As the need arises, we may also send you communications that are urgent, but only when the information cannot wait until the next LeadingEdition issue. We respect the fact that you receive and read many e-mail communications, and we will make every effort to send only those messages that are vital to your role as a supervisor.

If you have feedback on LeadingEdition, please contact us by e-mail. Thank you for your time, and we hope you feel this service is helpful to you.

- John Beelke
Director of Human Resource Services

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LeadingEdition is an electronic newsletter for Purdue University supervisors.  It is produced and distributed by Purdue University Human Resources four times annually.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions relating to the newsletter, please call 49-41679 or email us.  Thank you.