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Employees benefit from clear performance expectations

It�s common for supervisors to overlook one of the most essential concepts for ensuring good performance: setting performance expectations. However, taking the time to set and communicate clear expectations can help eliminate many performance problems.

Setting performance expectations helps focus on the unit�s goals and objectives, as well as prioritize duties that are significant to accomplishing those objectives. When setting expectations, use the following steps to make sure your employee gets the message you are sending:

bullet Use concrete examples; expectations need to be clear and understandable. Use language appropriate for your audience.
bullet Outline job expectations and requirements. Make sure your employee clearly understands the particulars of their job duties and responsibilities.
bullet Establish goals with your employee and obtain agreement on what results will be achieved.
bullet Hold follow-up meetings to help your employee stay on task. Use quarterly status meetings to obtain and provide feedback on the progress of goals. These meetings can help alleviate surprises during performance appraisal time.
bullet Keep the lines of communication open. Employees need to know they can come to you for clarification about their expectations.

Using the tips above can result in more productive and engaged employees who clearly understand what is expected of them.

- Amy Boyle
Housing and Food Services Human Resources

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