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New database available to report volunteer registry checks

Human Resources has developed a Web-based database for departments to report registry checks performed on volunteer applicants. This database will serve as the annual report required by the Volunteers, Interim policy (VI.B.2).

The online reporting tool is available at www.purdue.edu/bs/vbc/index.php. Departments and units utilizing the online reporting tool to track their volunteer registry checks will receive a copy of the annual report run by Human Resources in February of each year. The report will list all checks performed by the specific department or unit for the previous calendar year.

Departments and units maintaining databases separate from the online reporting tool are required to submit a report to Human Resources by Jan. 31 of each year. The report should include the following information for each registry check performed during the previous calendar year:

  • Volunteer's name
  • Volunteer's date of birth
  • Certification that a photo ID was used to verify the individual's identity
  • Date the state registry check was performed
  • Date the national registry check was performed
  • Results of the registry checks
  • A copy of any match found on either registry

The interim policy on volunteers can be found at www.purdue.edu/policies/human-resources/vib2.html.

For questions on the new online reporting tool, contact Brenda Coulson at bcoulson@purdue.edu or 49-40603.

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