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Leaves can be requested and approved online through automated leave application

Beginning in April 2011, an automated, online leave application was successfully tested through pilot programs in the ITaP, Vice President for Human Resources and Comptroller areas.

The automated leave application enables exempt administrative/professional (A/P) staff to use Employee Self-Service (ESS) in the OnePurdue portal to request leave electronically for their own illness or the illness of a family member and for vacation, personal business, jury duty and bereavement.

Supervisors are then able to approve leave requests in ESS for the exempt A/P staff they supervise. The automated leave application also gives staff and supervisors the capability to see how many days of leave by type the employee has used and when the leave was taken.

Currently, the automated leave application is available to administrative areas of campus that are aligned with the Organizational Management Project, initiated in the spring of 2011. This project identifies employee/supervisor reporting relationships for exempt A/P staff and enters these relationships into the OnePurdue system. This enables automated, electronic workflows via OnePurdue - in this case, leave requests and approvals.

As the Organizational Management Project is completed for a given administrative unit, automated leave application training is provided to the unit's staff and supervisors. It's important for the areas having access to the new application to remember that they must adhere to existing processes for leaves that are not included in the online application (i.e., military, FMLA, unpaid leave, etc.).

It's projected that the automated leave application will be fully implemented across all administrative areas of campus by December 2011. In addition, an assessment is underway to determine the feasibility of using the automated leave application in the academic areas of campus. The project team is also considering any system changes that may be required to address unique requirements and/or limitations for using the application in academic departments.

Please direct any questions to me, Kevin Vedder, project leader for the automated leave application.

Kevin Vedder, director
   HR Service Center

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