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HR Training and Development offers Positioned for Success sessions

In today's fast moving and more complex work environment, the supervisor's job is becoming broader and more challenging. To achieve success, we have to be better today than we were in the past. Whether you're a new manager or a seasoned pro, we must all tune and align our supervisory skills to make sure our hard work is producing optimal results. You are invited to participate in the upcoming supervisory/managerial training sessions that are sure to provoke exciting conversations about best practices, alignment, and success.

Clarify, Negotiate, and Commit to Your Changing Role: Not all management jobs are the same, and it's important that you understand your role as defined by your leaders, employees, and peers. Discover their expectations of you and learn techniques for negotiating points of disagreement or conflict.

Understand Your Expected Results: To manage well, we must know what home-run performance will look like for the portion of the business we manage � in the next month, the next six months, the next year, and beyond. Only by clearly understanding the results our stakeholders want will we be able to manage successfully.

Myers Briggs Type Assessment (MBTI)�: Successful supervisors and managers strive to understand employee preferences for gathering information and making judgments. It can be challenging to find new and creative ways to energize individuals and teams. Taking the initiative to learn individual and group preferences is an important first step in leading and creating work environments uniquely suited to your team's preferences and strengths.

Fair, Square, and Legal: A supervisor or manager can be confronted with many challenging workforce-related scenarios. Some scenarios necessitate decision making; others require that a supervisor direct the employee to University subject matter experts for support and assistance. During these sessions, supervisors will examine key human resources policies from a supervisory perspective and define their role as first responders.

Performance Review � 20 Best Practice Standards: Performance discussions are opportunities to establish and clarify goals and objectives. In the best-case scenario, employees and supervisors work collaboratively to establish goals and measure results. Supervisors are uniquely positioned to create an environment where both the employee's personal objectives and the organizational objectives are achieved. During these sessions, participants will benchmark local team practices against best practice standards. Come prepared to use the shared experiences of the participants and facilitator to identify quick tips for enhancing performance discussions at the manager and supervisory levels.

Visit the HR Training and Development Web site to view our brochure and register online for the courses.

- HR Training and Development

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