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Holiday pay and vacation carry forward: Get informed

Here's the information you need about vacation carryover and holiday pay for members of your regular clerical and service staff.

Vacation carry forward

The current vacation policy for regular clerical and service staff allows each staff member to carry forward up to 320 hours of accrued vacation into the 2009 calendar year, regardless of their number of years of service.

Please inform your regular clerical and service staff members that vacation hours in excess of 320 hours will be forfeited if not used on or before Wednesday, December 31, 2008.

Holiday pay

Any regular clerical and service staff member in layoff status for 30 days or less during the end-of-the-year holiday season will receive pay for University-designated holidays. The number of holidays at this time of year totals four. This year, those four days are as follows:

Thursday, December 25, 2008 Thursday, January 1, 2009
Friday, December 26, 2008 Friday, January 2, 2009

Therefore, a staff member in layoff status, as previously specified, should receive normal holiday pay for these four holidays.
All staff members, including official retirees, who are planning to separate from the University the day after a holiday must be physically at work for at least half a day the next working day after the holiday in order to receive pay for the holiday. Terminal vacation may not be used to �bridge' a holiday in order to receive pay for the holiday.

If you have any questions concerning the information furnished in this article, please contact Compensation at 49-40097.

- Compensation Team

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