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Successful coaching leads to motivated employees

How do you prepare your employees for the big game? Coaching. The most effective leaders see themselves not as managers or supervisors, but as coaches. While the term �coaching� is used interchangeably with progressive discipline, in reality it serves as a prelude to progressive discipline.

Coaching is an ongoing, two-way process that involves using constructive, consistent feedback to reinforce positive behavior or to counsel employees, resulting in improved performance. Coaching provides employees an opportunity to amend their behavior or performance. In order for employees to recognize issues with their behavior, supervisors and managers must provide performance feedback, which is the key part of coaching. This, in conjunction with setting expectations, provides your staff with a plan to follow.

Steps to effective coaching:

bullet Maintain an open-door policy.
bullet Establish a climate of ongoing communication.
bullet Provide continuous constructive performance feedback.
bullet Ensure feedback is specific; too much generalization can be perceived as insincere.
bullet Set and clearly communicate expectations.
bullet Provide a reasonable time to improve behavior or performance.
bullet Set a goal of resolving the issue before it progresses.

Keep in mind that during the coaching process, frequent follow-up must occur to ensure performance expectations are being met. If problems continue after coaching, you may need to consider formal disciplinary action. Done well, employee coaching can help enhance employee engagement and create more motivated, productive employees.

- Amy Boyle
Housing and Food Services Human Resources

- Tracy Sondgerath
Physical Facilities Human Resources

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