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Pay practices for adverse weather conditions

During periods of adverse weather conditions, pay practices do not change unless the president declares a snow recess, which explicitly tells staff not to report for work. The president, executive vice president, and provost are the only persons who can declare a snow recess.

During all other periods of bad weather, regular biweekly paid staff who are absent from work, arrive late, or leave early, must charge their time to vacation, personal holiday (if eligible), or absence without pay. This policy applies even if local civil authorities have advised citizens to remain off the roads or if department heads advise staff to be absent, arrive late, or leave early due to weather conditions. Departments are encouraged to be flexible in the approval of leave time when safety is a concern.

Snow recess pay practices for non-exempt staff members

Non-exempt staff members (regular clerical/service and operations assistants) who do not report for work, as requested, will receive regular pay for all normally scheduled hours not worked due to the snow recess. Time will be recorded as "Other Leave (With Pay)" on the Attendance Record (Business Office Form No. 1423).

Non-exempt staff required to work are to be paid at the regular rate plus time-and-one-half for all hours worked during the snow recess. Under no circumstances will an employee be paid more than two-and-one-half times the regular rate for hours worked. This time will be recorded as "Worked-Regular" and "Overtime" on the Attendance Record.

Non-exempt staff who work before and after the snow recess is effective will receive regular pay plus time-and-one-half for hours worked during the snow recess. Hours worked prior to the start of the snow recess will be paid at the regular rate. Those who work after the snow recess ends will be paid in accordance with normal pay practice.

Non-exempt staff members (including students and temporaries) who show up for work during a snow recess and who are not essential should be released from work. If allowed to perform nonessential work, they should be paid at the regular rate only for the hours worked. Essential employees should be identified and notified well in advance of a snow recess to avoid problems such as staff reporting to work unnecessarily.

Other snow recess pay practices

Temporary employees (including student employees) designated "essential personnel" will be paid at time-and-one-half of the regular hourly rate for hours worked up to 40 hours/week. For hours worked in excess of 40 hours/week, compensation will be at two-and-one-half times the regular hourly rate.

All staff who had previously scheduled vacation will have the time and attendance recorded as vacation. Staff on sick leave both before and after the snow recess will have time and attendance recorded as sick leave.

Administrative/professional staff members (except operations assistants) receive regular pay regardless of work status during the snow recess.

Questions regarding pay during adverse weather conditions should be directed to Compensation, 49-40097.

- Compensation Team

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