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Address performance problems promptly

The department supervisor has an employee who is not meeting job expectations. The employee is by no means a top performer. In addition to poor performance, there are behavioral and attitude issues. No one in the department wants to work or interact with this individual.

Instead of dealing with the employee's performance and behavior, the supervisor wants to use the Reduction in Workforce policy (University policy VI.F.2) as a means to address the problem. However, after consulting Human Resource Services, the supervisor is informed that the Reduction in Workforce policy should only be used in circumstances where a position must be eliminated, not to terminate poor performers.

It is important to address performance issues immediately with the employee through a performance review or disciplinary process.

Follow and confirm in writing these four progressive steps when addressing performance issues:

bullet Verbal warning: Summarize what is expected, when it is expected, and what results are expected.
bullet Written warning: Identify the problem, then state the disciplinary action, the violation, and the desired results.
bullet Final warning or suspension: The last means of corrective disciplinary action prior to discharge.
bullet Discharge: If action has failed to produce acceptable performance or behavior, then discharge is appropriate.

Your Employee Relations consultant will assist you with this process. Please get ER involved as soon as you identify a problem.

- Michelle Jansen
Employee Relations

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