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Worker�s compensation and disability for 2004.
What do supervisors need to know?

Changes to the disability programs went into effect January 1, 2004. Here�s a rundown of some things you need to know as a supervisor to meet your responsibilities and to best guide your employees during a time when they are unable to work due to injury or illness.

Supervisor�s checklist for reporting on-the-job injuries and illnesses


When an employee reports an injury or illness that has occurred on the job, the supervisor must complete a First Report of Injury form within 24 hours of the employee�s notification. The First Report of Injury form is available via the Web.


Send a copy of the First Report of Injury form to Purdue�s Radiological and Environmental Management (REM) Safety Section in CIVL within 48 hours of the employee�s notification. REM is responsible for various reporting to OSHA and for investigating workplace incidents, so this office must have information on ALL injuries.


If the employee seeks medical attention and/or must be off work due to injury or illness, the supervisor must call Liberty Mutual at 1 800 362-0000.


If the employee doesn�t obtain medical treatment and doesn�t miss work, don�t call Liberty Mutual. However, it is still important to file a copy of the First Report of Injury with REM.


Always keep the original in your departmental files; some areas have designated specific offices to maintain these records.


To ensure accurate claims payments, keep Liberty Mutual up-to-date with changes related to the illness or injury. Call them with information such as a change in the employee�s return-to-work date, restrictions imposed by the employee�s physician, or the employee�s inability to continue working. If you did not initially call in a claim because medical treatment was not necessary, and the employee later needs medical treatment or time off work, it is especially important to report this change to Liberty Mutual.

Treatment facilities for worker�s compensation

If your employee is hurt on the job, he or she must choose one of the following providers to begin treatment and must tell the provider the injury is a worker�s compensation situation. This will allow appropriate consideration and payment of medical expenses through worker�s compensation.


Purdue University Student Health Center on University Street
(for minor, first-aid type treatment)


Arnett Clinic Occupational Health Center, 2600 Greenbush
(use the Urgent Care Center entrance)


Regional Occupational Care Center (ROCC), 1411 S. Creasy Lane
(use Orthopedic entrance, Unity Health Care Center)


St. Elizabeth Medical Center or Home Hospital
(only in the case of serious injury)

If follow-up medical care is necessary, Liberty Mutual will work with the authorized medical provider (above) to determine the next steps for care. Liberty Mutual is responsible for determining and authorizing appropriate treatment. Employees are not allowed to determine their own course of care under worker�s comp.

Short term and/or long term disability

To begin a claim for Short Term Disability (STD) or Long Term Disability (LTD), the employee (or a family member) calls CIGNA at 1 800 362-4462. If the illness or injury was reported as a worker�s compensation claim with Liberty Mutual, the employee must still contact CIGNA since STD is a separate benefit process.

If the disability qualifies for an STD benefit, and the employee�s condition requires additional recovery time, CIGNA will automatically consider the condition for LTD.

Keep the channels of communication open and update your business office and CIGNA as the employee�s situation changes. Any change in the return-to-work date, work restrictions specified by the physician, or inability to continue working needs to be reported so that payments are accurate.

Purdue�s role in coordinating disability programs

CIGNA and Liberty Mutual partner with Purdue in administering these programs. Employees receive payments from each of these insurance companies, as appropriate. Employees may use Purdue�s sick leave and vacation benefits to supplement benefits available through worker�s compensation, STD, and LTD.

Additionally, these companies assist with creating and reviewing opportunities for employees to return to work. For example, they help obtain specific restrictions from the treating physicians so that you can determine if you can modify the duties of the position so that the employee can return.

Careful coordination of these related programs is necessary. At the West Lafayette campus, a disability benefit coordinator is available to assist departments and claimants in understanding the programs and filing accurate and timely claim documentation. Reach her at (765) 494-1691. Regional campus supervisors and claimants may contact their HR department for guidance with questions about disability coverage and claims.

For more information about the worker�s compensation and disability programs, visit www.purdue.edu/benefits.

- Teresa Wesner
Benefit Services Coordinator

Staff Benefits

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