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Help your hourly employees take advantage of Healthy Living at Work pilot

Purdue is piloting a Healthy Living at Work program in its ongoing effort to encourage healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes among employees. Achieving these goals can help improve job performance, increase work satisfaction and reduce health care costs for the employee and the University.

“Flexibility in working together with your employees will be a key factor in making this successful in your area,” says Eva Nodine, benefits director in Human Resources.

The pilot began Aug. 1 and will run through Dec. 31. If the pilot is successful, Purdue will offer a program in 2014.

All benefits-eligible, non-exempt (hourly) employees at the West Lafayette campus who are covered by a Purdue medical plan are eligible to participate in the pilot.

The Healthy Living at Work pilot provides up to 90 minutes of paid release time throughout the duration of the pilot to travel to the Center for Healthy Living for one visit, get an annual physical exam and return to the workplace. Employees will record the time as “Other leave.”

The employee does not need to make up the paid release time, and the annual physical exam and preventive lab work will be provided at no charge to the employee.

Departments are encouraged to establish protocol for submitting, considering and approving participation in a manner that best fits their business needs. Peak volume times, special projects or staff absences may affect when an employee can be away from the job to participate in the Healthy Living at Work pilot.

The Employee Relations team in Human Resources is available to answer questions and to help you establish procedures that will work efficiently in your area. “Work things out so that the employee is able to take advantage of the pilot, and you’re able to keep things running while the employee is away,” says Nodine.  

A Supervisor’s Guide and an Employee’s Guide have been prepared to provide more details. Both guides are available at the Center for Healthy Living website. Eligible employees received an email about the program, which has also been promoted in Purdue Today and on the Center for Healthy Living website.

If you have questions about the pilot, please contact Human Resources at 49-42222 or hr@purdue.edu.

- Purdue Benefits

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