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West Lafayette campus implements revised smoking policy

A revised policy on smoking, Smoke Free West Lafayette Campus (I.4.2), went into effect on July 1, 2010. What significance does this have for you as a supervisor? Quite possibly you may not be personally affected; however, if you supervise employees who smoke, this may have an effect on your workforce.

The major change to the policy is the designated smoking areas. Employees are no longer able to step just 30 feet outside the building to smoke. The 22 locations are the only places smoking is allowed on campus. Employees can also choose to smoke in their privately owned, closed vehicles. The smoking areas are all within 1,000 feet of buildings. A map showing the locations is available online.

Employees who smoke are allowed the same breaks as those who don't smoke: one break in the morning and one break in the afternoon, ranging from 10-15 minutes each. With the locations of the designated smoking areas, going to the designated place, smoking, and returning to the workplace should be able to be accomplished within the normal break schedule.

Supervisors who have concerns with the amount of time spent away from the workplace by an employee who smokes should contact their Employee Relations specialist to discuss corrective action.

Purdue is committed to maintaining a healthy work environment. Supervisors can direct interested employees to the campus resources available to help with smoking cessation.

- Employee Relations

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