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LeadingEdition: E-Newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

Time to prepare for new staff performance evaluation requirements

Purdue University issued its new Performance Evaluations for Staff policy in January. Performance evaluations are an integral part of the University’s ongoing effort to encourage staff to higher levels of achievement and service. Listed below are the new policy’s key provisions.

• All benefits-eligible staff will receive an evaluation at least once per year.
• Supervisors will work with staff to document goals and objectives to help encourage peak performance.
• Each staff member and his or her supervisor will work together to determine an individualized plan to promote skill and career development.
• All supervisors and staff will receive training to use the evaluation system that is appropriate for their area and to understand the new policy.
• The policy establishes standards for storing and granting access to staff evaluations.

Automated evaluation tool ensures areas meet policy’s standards

In October, Human Resources, with the support of Information Technology Enterprise Applications (ITEA), will launch a fully automated staff evaluation tool in the OnePurdue portal’s employee self-service (ESS) section. This electronic tool will support all areas in meeting the standards outlined within the new staff evaluation policy. Supervisors and staff will document performance and development goals and update goal accomplishments all within ESS. 

Unit heads may elect to develop a standalone evaluation system; however, all standalone systems must comply with all provisions within the Performance Evaluations for Staff policy. Unit heads must work with HR to receive endorsement for all area-specific staff evaluation systems used on or after January 1, 2013.

An evaluation system checklist has been developed to outline criteria and standards for HR endorsement of standalone systems. To schedule a consultation for endorsement or implementation support, email lod@purdue.edu. A member of the HR Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD) team will respond to the request within two business days.

Policy and system training available

HR is offering a series of online trainings and facilitated workshops to help supervisors understand the new policy and introduce them to the performance planning, update and evaluation steps within the automated system. The LOD team will begin demonstrating the new ESS tool in September. To access online training and evaluation workshops, please visit www.purdue.edu/hr/lod/evaluations.html.

- Adedayo Adeniyi, Director
  Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD)

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