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New Employee Orientation and New Administrative Supervisor Orientation help hundreds

Rave reviews! New Employee Orientation and New Administrative Supervisor Orientation are off to a great start. We have had 425 employees benefit from these new programs.

Here are just a few of the things participants had to say about New Employee Orientation:

  • “I enjoyed learning about the history of Purdue and what it truly means to be a Boilermaker. It is good to be working for a place with high goals and a wonderful vision for the future.”
  • “I learned a lot overall about Purdue and am looking forward to experiencing it as I begin my career at Purdue.”
  • “I appreciated the Senior Leader taking time to speak with new staff. He provided personal stories that kept me engaged.”
  • “I appreciated having the opportunity to learn more about benefits and how it was broken down so nicely. My previous employers never delivered benefits information so clearly.”
  • “The campus safety presentation was excellent. The presenter was very engaging.”

New Employee Orientation is offered weekly on Mondays and covers the following topics: what it means to be a Purdue employee, computing, campus safety, and benefits. Orientation also includes an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Briefing.

New Administrative Supervisory Orientation not limited to new employees

Don’t forget! New Administrative Supervisory Orientation is not just for new employees to the University. It's designed for anyone who is new to a supervisory role on campus (for example, through a promotion). Here are just a few of the great things participants had to say about New Administrative Supervisor Orientation:

  • “The specific examples used throughout the training were very helpful.”
  • “The identification of all of the resources available to supervisors was a great take away.”
  • “Excellent, fun, and interactive!”

New Administrative Supervisor Orientation is offered monthly and covers the following topics: hiring top talent, employment laws/policies, communicating and leading teams, and managing staff and progressive discipline.

Did you remember to sign up your new employee(s)? It’s not too late! Visit the Employee Orientation Web page to learn more and to sign up your new employee.

- Melissa Martin, PHR
  Talent Acquisition Team

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